Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We are dippers. Oh, and a giveaway.


When I was contacted by these people to try their product, I was so excited.

We love sauce.

We love dipping.

We are sauce snobs.

We know the best ketchup, ranch, BBQ sauce, honey mustard, etc.

So, Country Bob's sent me two bottles of their All Purpose Sauce.

Let me be the first to tell you that it is WONDERFUL.

We have eaten it on everything.

The day that we received it, the hubs grilled a pork tenderloin. Every piece of meat was loaded with sauce as it went into my mouth.

I ate it on pretzels as a snack one day.

Caroline ate it on chips.

Ryan even put it all over his pasta salad.

That was a bit extreme... but he said it was great.

Anyway, the sauce was made by Country Bob Edson.

"After years of giving the sauce to friends and family he began to sell it in 1977. The reaction was overwhelming just as it is today. Almost everyone who tries Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce becomes a lifelong user. And why not, it is the perfect complement to practically any meal set on your table."

Here is the cool part... Country Bob's says "Christ is our CEO and He is an Awesome Boss!" They also remind us of Proverbs 16:3 which says, "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed."

Now for the best part. Country Bob's is giving 2 of my readers 2 bottles of their All Purpose Sauce. You will love it!

Here are the rules:

- Leave a comment on this post telling me that you really want to try this sauce.
- If your e-mail is not enabled, be sure to leave your e-mail in the comment. If you are not sure, just leave your e-mail.
- I will close the contest Sunday, February 15, 2009 at 8pm EST.
- The winners will be announced shortly after that.
- Winners will be chosen by random.org

Good luck!

I hope all of you comment. If you don't I will feel like a loser. Haha! Only kidding!

It is so fun to win! You know you want to!


Krystyn said...


Affectionately called "dip dip" here. Love to try it.

Oh, your rules say I must tell you that I "really want to try it," so there you go!

Amy said...

i really really want to try that sauce. i love a good sauce, when i was pregnant i use to eat steak sauce plain...

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

How exactly does one get on the call list for companies who want to give their yummy products away? I only get calls requesting money or to sit through 3 hour presentations for time shares. (Oh, except last week when I got a call to try a product for stretch marks...) Dipping sauce sounds much better!

Our Crazy Life said...

We are also a family of "sauce snobs" and are always looking for new ones to try. I would love to win these and try them out.
I'm with Christie~~ how do you get such good places to offer you freebies to try their stuff???

Corey and Jamie said...

OH pick me pick me! We love sauce, but can never find a good one so I usually make my own BBQ sauce and I change some of the main ingredients to compliment the meat. However, it has ALOT of ingredients so it would be nice to just dump some out of the bottle sometimes!

Emily said...

sauce on pretzels... yum! I love to eat mustard with pretzels:) pick me:)

Dana said...

I would really like to try this sauce maybe it would inspire me to actually cook! My husband would be so excited!

Ellen said...

I would LOVE to try Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce. I love me some sauce and use it on everything!

Mandy and Brad said...

I really really really want to try this dip out. Send it on to Alabama as soon as possible. haha

Haley Nicodemus said...

I REALLY WANT TO TRY THE SAUCE! Could you hear that? Could you understand the excitement in my voice??? I've got to have that suace.

On another note, please tell me your favorite ketchup is Heinz and NOT Hunts.

It may affect our friendship...

Wendi said...

I am always on the look out for a good sauce.
Country Bob's just might be it!
Thanks for a chance.

Midwest Mommy said...

you got me :-)
I really want to try it.