Friday, February 6, 2009

I see dead people.

Caroline plays with Cody every night in the kitchen.

We don't know a Cody.

She has never heard us use the name Cody.

For a while we thought she was saying Cody instead of Carly because she met someone named Carly one day with Papa.

The situation got stranger though.

I don't ask her many questions.

However, Ryan asked her about Cody's hair.

Cody has black hair.

Guess where Cody lives?

The hospital.

Do you think she sees a ghost?

Now every night when I walk down the stairs (when everyone is asleep) I feel like someone is watching me.

Is it Caroline's imagination? Is it a ghost? Maybe I should call the Paranormal Research Society. HELLO! Paranormal State is one of my favorite shows. This could be the reason why I think my kid is talking to a ghost.


Corey and Jamie said...

I know lots of kids have imaginary friends but I would be a little freaked out too haha of course it doesn't take much to get my heart racing. I don't know how you even watch that show! YIKES! BTY Emma looks so much like you it is not even funny :)

Leigh said...

I agree with the above comment. My nephew has a imaginary friend maned Peter. He talks to Peter alot.
I also know, and here is where you will think I am nuts, my son saw something in what was my childhood home (my parents have since moved...but not b/c of this). My mom, son who was 2 and I were sitting at the kitchen table and the weirdest thing happened, I cannnot quite explain, But we sta there eating lunch and I saw a shadow-or a person vividly-pass through the kitchen. My mom saw it at the same time. Just a siloette. Before either of us could say anything my 2 year old said, "Who was that?". It was bizarre.
ANyway...let me know!

Haley Nicodemus said...

Imaginary friends are so funny! I think it's completely normal at this age. Now, when she's 14 and she's still talking to Cody - I say definitely call the PRS. HELLO! I'd say there is definitely a ghost in your house.