Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Real Housewives of Orange County.

I have an addiction.

The Real Housewives of Orange County.

If you watched last night you will enjoy what is written below. If you didn't watch or you never have watched, you will not understand any of it so just go read another post.

I normally post at McMommywood. However, this write up is so long, I don't think that McMommy will enjoy it in her comments. So here you go...

1. Tamra’s mom is still a hot mess. Did you hear her ask for a beer? Tamra said, “We took the beer out of your remember?” You see, she is not a cute/cool beer drinker like some people. I will again say that she is a Marlboro Red smoking, Natural Light drinking trashy lady.
Really? Did Tamra really start a dating profile for her mom so that she could “get laid.” I threw up in my mouth a little.

2. Yes, we really went shopping for scrubs with Vicki and Briana. It was so much fun. Maybe we can do it again next week. They also spent a whopping $85.73. When the lady told Vicki, Vicki looked at her like ok? And?! This is nothing to a woman ready to buy a million dollar yacht… I mean come on cashier lady! Geez!

3. Next we visit Jeana’s sister, Janis. Janis still has Christmas lights out and we are clearly told that it is not Christmas. I loved when Jeana tried to help pull her dad in the door and he said, “Let me do my own thing.” He then lets Jeana’s mom help him. Haha! PS- Colton needs his ass butt beat. Jeana also compared her dad to Stevie Wonder. Really? Like her mom said, “Good for Stevie.” Also, Jeana, you know that your dad is blind but you asked him if he saw the rain. What an idiot.

4. Lynne sounds like she is blitzed. I could not pay attention to the conversation she had with her mom in the beginning because I was staring at a little white thing in her hair. It stressed me out a bit.

5. Jeff looked pretty terrible. His kids also get really dressed up to be on this show, huh? Every time that I see them, they are in their PJs. I also laughed a little at one point when Gretchen was talking and had a little spaghetti on the corner of her mouth. HAHA!

6. Next, we watch Vicki and Donn cook tacos. Fun times. I also realized that I have the same shirt that Vicki had on in this scene. PS- I love Vicki’s kitchen. I am glad the talk about that yacht is over. They aren’t getting it. The end.

7. Red Rock in Vegas looked so nice. I just got sick of Gretchen saying, “I’m so excited about the red.” She said it 1,000,000 times. I did like her outfit though. Cute.

8. Gretchen is so skinny. The poolside scene made me sick.

9. Jeana said that she and Lynn were too old for the “hottie whistle” which pissed Lynne off.

10. Gretchen and Vicki fought over whose martini it was. Seriously. A dirty martini with blue cheese stuffed olives. Sounds pretty terrible. Enjoy that girls. Vicki, YOU are NOT the only person in the world to drink that I’m sure. Get over yourself.

11. Later at the dinner table Lynne said she didn’t know if she had AC or not. Ok. I am over this chick. Someone needs to help her. Seriously.

12. Did you see Lynne’s dance moves? Pretty terrible.

13. Did you see Vicki hooking up with ANOTHER guy this week? I am sure Donn is loving these last two episodes. Remember last week her boobs wanted to come out and play while she was sitting on a guy’s lap. What a dumb person.

14. Lynne said, “What stays in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Really Lynne? Sweet motto you have there. I think it is What HAPPENS in Vegas, stays in Vegas. I am gaining A LOT of animosity toward this girl.

15. I am pretty over this show. Next weeks looks even more terrible. Great!

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Amy said...

i was so pissed, i was gonna watch it at 1am (after i watched toddlers and tiaras ) and even though the guide said OC they were playing and epi of NY so i missed it and probably wont get to see it till next week.