Friday, February 13, 2009

Me, me, me.

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Lately people have been doing this and I thought it would be fun.

So, here are some things that you may or may not know about me. Enjoy.

1. I cut or bite my fingernails everyday. I freak out when I see any white on my nails.

2. I don't like heights.

3. I like cheap wine.

4. I enjoy cooking because the hubs enjoys eating.

5. I have terrible hair. It is half curly and half straight. This equals frizz.

6. I don't wear make-up often. I never have.

7. I married my high school sweetheart.

8. I hated high school.

9. My middle name is Brianna. Well, really my middle name is now Hill which is my maiden name. Sometimes I wonder why I didn't put my first, middle, maiden, and last name on everything. 4 names is the new trend in Hollywood. I would have been cool.

10. I hate flossing. The sound of it grosses me out.

11. I can't listen to Ryan brush his teeth. It makes me want to throw up.

12. I have only been on a plane once.

13. I went to space camp in 8th grade. I flew to Huntsville, Alabama. It was so fun.

14. My sister is my best friend.

15. I have a list of things I want to do before I'm 30. I have 6 years left to do them.

16. I love fixing stuff and building stuff. I have my own set of magnetic screw drivers. WOOT WOOT! Be jealous!

17. I love math but I can't do it in my head. Ryan is a whiz at it. He can calculate anything in his head in less than 6 seconds.

18. I love pizza.

19. I have terrible OCD. That is a whole post in itself.

20. I am very superstitious. I don't split the pole or walk under ladders. I put an "X" over black cats that cross my path. If I forget something and I have to come back in the house, I sit down... cross my legs... and say "Bring me no bad luck." If I spill salt, I throw a pinch of it over my right shoulder. I can't help it. That's just me.

21. 21 is one of my favorite numbers. I was married on April 21st. Caroline was born on July 21st. I was 21 that year. 26 is my other favorite number. I was born on March 26th and Emma was born on September 26th. Ryan was born September 8th but 8 is not one of my favorite numbers. (Sorry, Ry.)

22. I love shoes. I cried for a pair of cowboy boots (in the store) and Ryan finally bought them for me. :-)

23. I hate wearing shoes but I love buying shoes. On any given day you will find my barefoot. In the summer I only wear shoes if I go somewhere.

24. I still sleep with a blanket. We will pretend that you don't know that about my 23/almost 24 year old self.

25. I hate to clean but I love to vacuum.

26. When I was little, I wanted to name my child Evian Bouvier. Stop laughing.

27. I am a coat fanatic. To bad that I live in Eastern North Carolina... where it never gets terribly cold.

28. I hate sand but I love the beach.

29. I love the way carbon copies smell.

30. I believe in Karma... what goes around comes around, right?


Krystyn said...

Okay, we have way too much in common for me to list. Except the OCD and the Evian thing (let's just say, I'm glad you didn't have a boy...or is that a girls name).

Oh, and the nail thing, too. But, I do cut them more often now that I have the kiddos.

We must be sisters from another motha'!

Wendi said...

Great list!
But what scares me?
Not the blankie part of #24.
The age part of #24.
I am now officially OLD.*sigh*

Haley Nicodemus said...

Oh my good golly, I have so much to say about this list.

The whites on the nails - too funny!

Do you ever straighten your hair? It will make all the difference in the world. Chi, anyone?

The supertitious-ness is hysterical. I've never heard of some of those things.

Did you read my blog when I made the pink penelope post? Yea, that's right. I still sleep with Pink Penelope who is a boy dog that I've had since 2nd grade. The last trip we took is the first time in my life that he hasn't come along. He has been on every flight and every trip I've ever been on.

AND finally - I HATE sand too, but the beach is one of the best things ever. I even hate the way the water makes me feel too, but man the beach is good.

Love the list!

Kari said...

And why did we grow apart!? MAN! Besides the whole superstitious thing, we are a lot alike! ha ha. I can picture you doing that EVERYTIME. But, for me, I walk back inside like 4 or 5 times before I get everything I have forgotten! I would NEVER leave the house.

Dana said...

I have a before 30 list that is in need of some serious attention! Hopefully you are further along with yours than I am with mine. Somewhere along the way I forgot about myself just to busy taking care of everyone else!