Friday, February 20, 2009

PSF- My bags.

This is my new bag. I won it from Lillana at The CheapChica's Guide to Style. It is a Ferris & Mor that Shop Suey Boutique calls the Marla Satchel bag. They were sold out of the brown so I chose for the fabulous people at Shop Suey to send me a blue one. I love it. It is the best bag I have had in years. It is everything I love in a bag. Thanks Lillana!
Now for what you see inside...

1. My HotSling

2. Em's Zooni hat

3. Snake skin looking wallet from Che Bella in Greenville, NC. It is an Amici Accessories wallet. I can't seem to find mine on the website ( I bought mine about a year ago). However, there are lots of cute ones!

4. $20 that I need to put in the wallet

5. Em's shoes

6. Sonia Kashuk lip gloss from Target (color: Splendid 02)

7. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss (color: unknown)

8. Empty Starbucks card that Anna left in my car (Remember my love of the salted caramel hot chocolate?!)

9. Food Lion MVP card

10. Em's pacifier

11. Cellular device

12. 7 pieces of gum

NOW for the diaper bag. This was scary!

This is my Petunia Pickle Bottom. She is the love of my life.

1 bag of half eaten Cheez-Its

1 bulb syringe (known at our house as "The Snuffleupagus")

1 pack of Enfamil with Lipil. Emma doesn't even drink this. She drinks Enfamil Enfacare. I had these little packs though that need to be used before April and I have 3 boxs. I through them in the diaper bag in case I forget her regular milk. It saved me on Wednesday while out to lunch. I left her milk at home. My pack of the wrong milk came to my rescue.

4 candy wrappers- I am blaming this one on Caroline

1 bottle cap- You don't even want to know what kind of bottle cap. My question is "WHY was it in my diaper bag?"

2 pacifiers

1 "Please wash your hands before touching mine" tag

1 pair of Popcicle BabyLegs

1 of Caroline's hair bands

1 of Caroline's dirty socks- Weird. Gross. That is all about that.

1 pair of Emma's socks- We are always losing socks so I always carry a pair

3 small toys for Em

1 BB with Em's name on it. She enjoys holding this while she sleeps.

7 diapers

1 box of wipes- Normally I am a Pampers girl. However, one day I tried the Huggies Soft Skin Shea Butter wipes and fell in love. The smell is delicious.

1 black shoulder strap for my diaper bag- I keep it in my diaper bag if I ever need it. I always wear it like a backpack though because it is easier that way.


Krystyn said...

Okay...seriously, I need that purse. Think they want to send me another one? I don't even want a picture of mine right now.

And, really, the diaper bag, either. I'm thinking the backpack might be the way to go.

Really, pampers wipes? I prefer huggies, I love the texture. But, we are definitely a Pampers diaper family...not that you cared. Just some extra info for you I guess!

Corey and Jamie said...

OOOOOOOO I love your bags! SO CUTE! You are so lucky, always winning really good things :)

Haley Nicodemus said...

What is PSF?

And where on earth do you get to win a badass purse like that?