Thursday, July 3, 2014

The phonebook.

We came home from the pool yesterday and saw a plastic bag at the end of our drive.

I knew it was a new phonebook but the girls were curious.

I didn't tell them what it was and they made 90 to go get it.

They ripped the bag open and pulled out the new phonebook.

"Cool!  A phonebook... and a magnet!!"  Big said.

She started flipping through it.

For nearly 30 minutes, that child played with a phonebook.  Looking up names and businesses.

"Is this thing in alphabetical order by last name?"

"Look Mom!  There are coupons in here too!  LOOK!!  4 coupons for Empire Fire!!  Mom, we have to go.  Hold on.  Let me look up the phone number."

Something once an everyday staple in a home has become practically non-existent.  Let's be honest, can tell you anything.  Even when my girls have and question that I can't answer, their response it, "Well, it Mom."

Along with the art of ironing, sewing, and cursive writing... the phonebook is a thing of the past.

It's sad but very awesome that my children find it so interesting.

I will totally pull the phonebook out again on one of those "we are sooooo bored" days.

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