Saturday, July 12, 2014

Let's be mermaids.

This is probably our most favorite thing to play.  With the recent Netflix find, H2O: Just Add Water (a Australian TV show that first aired in 2006), the game of mermaids has become much more popular with my girls.

If you touch water, you turn into a mermaid.

Those magical moments as a parent that you get to play pretend are amazing.  You get to relive childhood dreams for just a little while.

While on vacation, we played mermaids a lot.  Some times I would join in but mostly Beau and I would sit on the shore and watch.

After dinner one evening, we were headed home.  "Mom, do you think mermaids are really real?"

"You never know.  Maybe.  I like to think that there could be a mermaid way out there somewhere.  The ocean is a big place you know."

Beau got in the car.  "Daddy, are mermaids real?"  "No, Big!  Mermaids are not real."

Dream crusher.  Plain and simple.

That is the total difference between boys are girls.  Fairy tales, Prince Charmings, mermaids, fiction of any kind... is not real in the eyes of some boys.

Girls, though, believe.

I believe that this {my life right now} is my fairy tale.  It's not castles and horses, jewels and tiaras but it is my fairy tale no less.

I believe I married my Prince Charming and there is a Prince Charming out there for everyone.

I believe that mermaids could possibly exist... what a magical thought.  What is even more magical is letting your children know that believing and dreaming is so important.  Never give up on your hopes and dreams even if your hope is as small as the belief in mermaids.

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