Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Smart one.

I love candles, tart warmers, anything that smells yummy.

About a year ago, I had a tart warmer on.  The house smelled delicious.

We were leaving to go out to dinner, I walked out the door and remember I left it on.  I casually yelled in to Beau, "Get that candle!"

I went to the car and waited... and waited... and waited.

I came back inside to see what was taking him so long.

Beau tried to blow out the tart warmer like a candle.  Wax covered the bookcase, hardwoods and wall.

Great.  Awesome.

Smart one, that man.

Lesson learned... DON'T blow a tart warmer.

Last night I had this little jewel on in the hall bathroom.

Battery operated, vanilla scented, fake candle.  Looks like a real candle.  Smells like a real candle.  Flickers like a real candle.  NOT a real fire-burning candle.

Beau walked by the bathroom and saw it.  I was sitting at the computer.  Unsure of what he was doing, I kept hearing this noise over and over and over again.  Finally I heard, "Damn.  What the hell IS this thing?"

Beau was trying to blow out the fake candle.

Smart one, that man.

Note to self: Find candles to blow Beau's mind.  His reactions are great!  So fun!

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