Monday, July 21, 2014

Caroline- Month 96

Today you turn 96 months old.  You have been in our arms for 8 whole years.

You will start 3rd grade soon which gives me chest pains.  3rd grade!  We have a 3rd grader.  Wow!

You can pogo stick like a champion.

You learned to play the piano this year.

You have conquered fears and tried many new things.

We are so proud of you each and everyday. 

A few years ago, I made you a video for your birthday.  Periodically, you will ask to watch it.  You also like to call Van Morrison's "Queen of the Slipstream" your song.

I made you another one this year.  Since these are so special to you, I hope that you will always enjoy them... even when you are older with a family of your own.

I changed your song to a new one.  No worries.  It is still Van Morrison.

We love you to infinity, Big!  Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

Love you always,

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