Thursday, July 10, 2014

Not a hugger or a toucher.

It is nothing against you.  I am just not a hugger.

Aside from Beau and my children, hugs are awkward and weird for me.

With that said, I come from a family of huggers.  So, there are a lot of weird moments at family get togethers.

I don't like touching other people in general.  Not just hugs.

How do I react you ask?


Little did I know that Big has my same feelings about hugging.

Yesterday, we were swimming.  Big said, "Mom, I forgot to tell you.  Sarah (her school friend) told us she was going to a different school next year."

She has been out of school for almost a month and she is just now telling me this?  Anyway...

I told her I was sorry that Sarah wouldn't be at her school next year.

She said, "Well, everyone started hugging her.  Guess what Mom?  I had to hug her too."

"Well, that was nice," I said.

"No Mom.  It was weird.  I just felt like since everyone else was hugging her, I couldn't just wave at her and say bye."

"Well, I am sure she was glad that you hugged her."

"It was weird.  Just weird.  I don't understand why you have to touch other people when they are sad.  Weird."

I know Big, I know.


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