Tuesday, December 2, 2008



It can be describe with one word.


Well, until about 4:00 pm EST.

Caroline decided to come to our bed last night.

Therefore, I slept GREAT!


Emma decided to get up about 6 to eat.

I figured she would at and sleep until about 9.

I thought wrong.

I was up at 7:30ish.

It was ok though. I watched Britney on GMA.

Caroline woke up.

We cooked sausage.

She threw the phone against the wall at least 4 times.

She jumped in the chair.

She pulled what few lights I had on my Christmas tree... OFF of the Christmas tree.

I totally told her that Santa was taking the tree back.

And she wouldn't get presents if there was no tree.

Didn't work.

We watched Barney about 500 times.

Not even kidding you.

And to top it all off... guess what?

Wild child did not nap.


Didn't nap.

Fun times.

I made her lay down in the chair and rest.

Fast forward to 4:00.

Ryan walks in.

"DADDY! Me watch Barney ALL DAY!"

He looked at her like be serious.

He looked at me like be serious.


We did things.



We cooked breakfast.

She watched Barney.

We cooked lunch.

She watched Barney.

We colored.

She watched Barney.

We did Christmas crafts.

She watched Barney.

She jumped on the chair... while watching Barney.

She threw the phone... while watching Barney.

She hit the TV... because she was excited about Barney.

She ripped my lights off of the tree.

Did I mention that she watched Barney?

Anyway, guess what?

She jumped in her Daddy's lap.

She laid her head on his shoulder.

And then she did it.

Do you think she went to sleep?


She didn't.

She said, "Me tired Daddy."


She didn't go to sleep.

What do I need to do?

How do I make her sleep?

How do I lay her in her bed and she just fall asleep?


I am open to any suggestions you may have.



Kari said...

Sorry your day was horrible. Don't you hate it when they act like little devils when it's just you, and then Daddy comes home, and they are little angels!? That irks me. Anywho. Charlotte is still in a crib, so this technique is a little easier for me, but worth a shot. I started a naptime/bedtime. I put some milk or something in her sippy cup, she picks out some books, we sit in her rocker, and I read to her. Then, she has to turn out her light, we rock for a few more minutes, then we exchange hugs and kisses and I lay her in her crib. Now, usually she throws slight fits, but they pass eventually. Especially if I quit going in there to fuss at her or something. And, she eventually will fall asleep. With a toddler bed or regular bed, I am sure this would be more difficult, but if she kept getting out, you could try putting her back in everytime, telling her she needs to go to sleep, so you both can play afterwards! You would probably put her back in a few thousand times, but *hopefully she would eventually get the idea that mom is not going to give in, and go to sleep. IT may not happen the first or second day, but if you stick with it, it *could work!! Just a suggestion. I wouldn't have said it if you hadn't asked for 'em!! haha Hope your day goes a lot better than yesterday!

Heather said...

The "no nap" days are enough to send me to the loony bin (willingly, just to get out of here) every time. Barney drives me CRAZY, too, but my little one loves him, too.
Hope tomorrow is better!

Krystyn said...

I had a day like this just this week, too!

I don't know what to do with the no nap days. Maybe just try to combat them by going somewhere. Sometimes getting out of the house is enough for Isabelle to behave. She still doesn't nap, but she isn't a turd, either.