Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I am an enabler.

I am enabling my child.

Enabling her to be a stalker.

A stalker at the age of 2.

Let me explain.

Caroline is in love with Ben.

She met him a church.

Everyday, Ryan and I have to listen to her talk about Ben.

She draws him pictures.

She calls him on the phone (pretend...of course).

She insists on riding by his house.


We have done this three times.


In one week.

What the crap am I thinking?

So here is a letter to Ben's mom.

Dear Ben's Mom,

I know you are very busy and probably will never notice (Well hopefully you will never notice). However, if you happen to look out of your window one day and see my SUV parked out front.... have no fear. I am not planning on taking anything and I'm not spying on you. My two year old simply wants to see your son's house. Your cute yellow house. So, please don't call the cops on the crazy mom with a bun on the top of her head that is parked outside of your house in a dirty SUV. Ignore the little blonde pigtailed freak in the back with her window rolled down yelling your son's name. This is a phase in her two year old life. This is a phase that will soon pass just as other phases have passed. Just pray that it passes quickly because it is a little strange, I know.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this issue.

An Enabler Mom

PS- Could you please explain to your neighbors our issue at hand? I would hate to be known as a crazy person that parks in front of cute houses in a cute neighborhood. Thank you again.

I would post pictures.

Super cute pictures.

I can't.

Because I still can't find my camera.

Ryan says that I have lost it on purpose.

Who would lose their camera on purpose?

Especially with pictures that haven't been uploaded on it.


Maybe I'll find it soon.

I did find my remote that had been gone for four days while looking for the camera.

Just picture the things I am blogging about in your mind.



Kari said...

A stalker 2 year old! My, my!! It's 6 in the AM, and I have nothing funny to add to that. But I wanted to leave you a comment, nonetheless!

Krystyn said...

Hilarious. Poor little Ben..he's going to have to take out a restraining order.

I would only lose my camera on purpose if I wanted a new one and I had all of the pictures uploaded to my computer!

Wendi said...

Oh Hailey!
You enabler and stalker you!

Ellen said...

I love that little girl!!!