Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me! Monday.


Caroline did not throw up her medicine... twice in one day.

I did not gag A LOT while cleaning it up.

It did not make it under the bed so that the box springs got soaked with extra yummy vomit. AND on the carpet that we just had cleaned about a month ago. All because her medicine made her gag.

I did not decide that Thanksgiving and Christmas put a damper on trying to lose weight.

I did not hide the opened cookie dough so that my wild child and husband wouldn't see that I was eating it. You might be a fat kid when...

I did not use a tampon to put eye shadow on because I lost my eye brush.

I did not walk out of the doctors office with my dress stuck in my tights exposing my whole butt. Thank goodness I had a coat on. Only the people in the parking lot saw it when I ripped my coat off before I got in the car. I was assuming they were staring because of the "hotness" they had just witnessed only then realizing it was my exposed butt they were staring at.

I did not go shopping alone after my doctors appointment.

I did not get a coffee and cruise around Target.

I did not enjoy it WAY too much and take my sweet time.

I did not buy Caroline and Emma lots of goodies.

I did not forget Not Me Monday. I don't ever forget anything.

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MJ said...

hmm I'll have to remember the tampon eye shadow applicator :)

Haley Nicodemus said...

The tampon eyeshadow applicator - very creative. How well did it actually apply it?

It was probably a little bit of hotness and shock of seeing your butt all at the same time. :)

Glad I didn't have to experience the vomit incident and super glad I was eating my lunch while reading it - I may have spit up a little.

Keyona said...

How clever of you to use a tampon, that was too funny! :o)

Emily said...

how funny that you used a tampon to put on eye shadow.. i bet it worked well... also, throw up makes me want to get sick myself! I have done the whole undies in my tights before! whoops!

i'm kelly said...

sick kids are never any fun. but i love the tampon idea... very resourceful!

Krystyn said...

I don't think I would have used a tampon...I would have never thought of that. Maybe a q-tip, though!

Yay for kidless free time.