Friday, December 19, 2008

A post about Jesus, ball and pictures.

Me: "Caroline, you are being very ugly today. Santa and Baby Jesus are crying. They are sad that you are not being a nice little girl."

Caroline: Long pause as if she is really thinking about this situation. "Baby Jesus crying?"

Me: "Yep."

Caroline: Walks over to Emma who is sleeping. Sits down next to her and begins stroking her head. "It's ok Baby Jesus. No cry. It's ok."

For the next 30 minutes, Emma was baby Jesus. Any sound that she made, Caroline would run over to her and call her Baby Jesus and tell her it was ok.
In my mind I said I would never do this.

I said that I would never talk about sports.

But I am.

Feel free to skip ahead.

The hubs loves Carolina basketball.

I will not go into detail about his obsession.

It isn't too terrible.

A little freakish sometimes though.


Caroline's middle name is Tyler.

Guess who she is named after?


Tyler Hansbrough.

Feel free to vomit now.

So last night Tyler broke a record.

He is now the all-time leading scorer in the history of the UNC basketball program.

He currently has 2301 points.

Now if only Psycho T could beat Mr. JJ Redick who holds the all-time ACC scoring record of 2769. GROSS.

As you may or may not know, JJ played for Duke.

If you don't know about the rivalry between Carolina and Duke you haven't been living on planet Earth.

Anyway... I was somewhat excited when hearing the news this morning so I thought I would share.
PS- I sounded really smart in the above rant didn't I? I totally googled a lot of it. Ha!

PPS- We also call Caroline, Carolina from time to time. That was part of the reason in choosing her name as Caroline. I loved the name AND we knew we could call her Carolina. Ryan loved the name Tyler for apparent reasons and I ended up liking it too. We decided to use it for a boy or girl. When we found out Caroline was a girl we decided on Tyler as the middle name. So there you go. A little trivia about Caroline's name.

Wendi... I have a feeling you are grossed out. If you aren't, I'm pretty sure the boys in your house would totally be grossed out (I do believe that your son went to a certain basketball camp at a certain DODO college... am I right?). Please share this with them. We should get together February 11th and watch my Heels blow your Dookies out of the water on YOUR court. :-) Only kidding... only kidding. Because on March 8th the Dookies could possibly beat us on our court. That would suck. ANYWAY!

Also Wendi... we thought about the name Cameron for Emma. Then we really thought about it. The hubs just couldn't like that name. I think every time that he said it he thought of Duke. :-)

I had my Mom's camera so I snapped some new pictures of the girls.

Caroline and Jay

Emma Bug... wide eyed and bushy tailed. Cute little thing!

Caroline and Emma... Caroline loves to hold her. She tells me to move. She feels as if she doesn't need any help.

Caroline in the Christmas play and church. Her line was, "Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!" and yes... she said it. Ever so lightly but she said it and we were super proud!

Caroline and Anna


Krystyn said...

Your girls are too cute.

Izzy likes to hold Nat, too, and doesn't need any help....but she's yet to refer to her as baby Jesus.

i'm kelly said...

love the pictures, love that she named after a ball player, love that cute monogramed dress.