Monday, December 29, 2008

Letter to Caroline- Month 29.

Sweet Caroline,

It has been a fun month. We are both still getting use to the changes in our house. Having a baby sister has been fun for you but I think it has been difficult too. There are times that you hit, push, pinch or bite Emma. Sometimes I think that you just don't know how to handle the big changes in your life. Everything happened so quickly that it was difficult for you to adjust. When I hold Emma, you either go nuts hitting her or you demand to hold her. Demanding to hold her is your way of getting her out of my arms. You are smart. Sometimes too smart for you on good.

Your concept of numbers has increased this month. One day we sat down together on the floor. You looked at your Daddy and said, "Two girls. One, two. Two girls." I was amazed. It is funny how fast you learn.

You like to distinguish between boys and girls. "Daddy, boy. Mommy, girl. Caroline, girl. Emma, girl." The list goes on and on and on. You would continue forever with the boy/girl thing.

Christmas was extra fun this year. You sang Christmas songs and looked forward to Christmas all month. You were nervous about Santa being around though. Most children cry for Santa to come. You however, cried when I said Santa was coming. I think you thought Santa would come and get you. Therefore, I used this against you. You may need therapy for that and I am sorry. You would start acting wild and I would say Santa was coming. You would straighten up very quickly and begin to worry about where he was and worry that he really was going to get you.

You woke up on Christmas morning full of excitement but worried that Santa was still there. We all walked downstairs. I thought you would run to your car, bike, scooter, tent, games, books, etc. Instead, you were very reserved. Your feelings stayed inside. You were too cute though. You had on your pink snowman PJ pants and your hair was a beautiful mess.

Thank you Carolina for making our life so fun. Everyday is a new adventure. We enjoy every moment. Stay sweet and know that we love you more than you will ever know. Know that you are a wonderful big sister (when you want to be) and that Emma loves you too.

I love you,


PS- You grew a lot this month. Slow down. Don't get too grown-up on us. :-)

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Krystyn said...

She did grow...she's looking like a little lady!

We are all over the boy/girl game, too!

Happy Month-birthday.