Tuesday, December 2, 2008

100th post... about nothing special.

This is my 100th post.

I have something to tell you.

A secret of sorts.

Today is a special day.

Today is a day that will be celebrated all over the world.

I have been looking forward to this day for weeks.

What is today you ask?

It is someones birthday.

Whose could it be?

Here is a hint... In high school, I was dancing around my room in a shirt (long enough to be a short dress), thongs, and boots.

I was dancing hardcore. I got sweaty. I got stuck in my boots. Yes, you read that right. STUCK IN MY BOOTS. They wouldn't come off. All because of HER and HER awesome music and awesome dance skills I was trying to copy.

Have you figured it out yet?

Britney Spears!

Here is where the secret comes in.

After all these years... I still love Britney Spears.

There I said it. Feel free to hate me. Feel free to stop reading my blog now.

She is still one of my favorite celebrities.

Even after she did this...

and this...

and don't forget the famous crotch shot that was taken about 2.6 seconds after this picture...

and remember when this happened...

The girl is still awesome in my book.

I still enjoy her music and dancing.

I'd get stuck in my boots any day if it meant I could dance like her.

If you dislike her... fine.

Give the girl a chance though.

Watch Britney: For the Record on MTV. It might change your mind about her. Here is a preview.

Go ahead.

Watch it.

You KNOW you want to.

Don't hate.

Honest. I cried a little. Just being honest.

Ok. Feel free to go throw up now.

My tribute to Britney is done.



Interesting news.

I got lights on Caroline's tree today.

It is even decorated.


Here is a sneak peak.

Her decorations look adorable this year with her new white tree. I also used colored lights instead of white.


As for my tree.

It has made my house smell wonderful!

I started putting lights on it tonight.

I have made it halfway up the tree.

I have no more lights.

The hubs has to get me more.

There are 600 on there now.

I'm shooting for 900-1000.

We shall see.

Lights are my thing.

They are my favorite part of decorating a tree.

I don't even mind putting them on the tree... as long as someone else will take the off for me.


I'm glad I got my secret obsession for Britney off of my chest.

Thanks for listening.

I promise I will never put you through that again.

I just had to send my homegirl a birthday shout out.

I'll be back tomorrow with something more interesting to read.

I will also post pictures of the trees as soon as they are done.


Emily said...

cute new blog design!
love it:)

Keyona said...

Your blog is so funny! I so still like Britney as well!!

momstheword said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I have to admit that I don't follow her music but I am just glad that Brittney is starting to get back on track again and looking healthy.

Cathy said...

I'll tell ya a little secret of my own...I watch The Real Housewives of Orange County! Poor Britney...she got a raw deal!