Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me! Monday.

It is that time again. Time for Not Me Monday, hosted by MckMama. She will not be posting this week. Stellan is sick and his tests just came back positive for RSV. Pray that their stay in the hospital is short and he gets well very soon.

I did not get VERY happy to discover that Caroline's new favorite movie is Madeline. Barney hasn't been watched in this house for two whole days. It is so nice.

I did not have a wonderful Christmas.

Caroline did not get everything and then more.

She did not get a scooter, bike, tent (aka playhouse), ball pit, PowerWheels pink Mini Cooper... the list goes on and on.

I did not laugh a little when my friend sat here and watched Caroline have a nervous breakdown. I did not laugh even harder when she turned to me and said in a very serious way... "Hailey. She may need therapy." "WAIT. Just WAIT until you have children girlfriend. What Caroline is doing is totally normal for a two year old"... that was my response.

I did not get really excited when I opened Emma's Zooni Kate's Moss hat on Christmas morning. I totally forgot that I told my Mom that was one of the things I wanted for her. (WAY TOO CUTE PICTURES ARE COMING in a later post.)

I did not laugh out loud when the hubs told me he wanted me to get something from Bed Bath and Beyond with the Christmas money he gave me. Bed Bath and Beyond? When I asked him what he wanted me to buy at Bed Bath and Beyond... he said, "Something that makes you smell good." Number one, he meant Bath and Body Works. Number two, I thought OUT LOUD... "Well damn dang. I didn't know I didn't smell good. Ass Jerk." I had verbal diarrhea suddenly... and on Christmas Eve... in the middle of the mall. Geez.

I did not go to Target and see this. I did not open it up right there in the store and spray it. It did not smell absolutely wonderful. I did not say out loud by myself, "MAN! THAT smells awesome. I'm buying it." I did not secretly hope no one heard me. It is never good when you are caught talking to yourself in public.

I am not going to write a whole post on the magnificent Christmas gifts I received this year. I would never do such a thing. I would never show off all my awesomeness. However, this was probably the best Christmas ever. Let's just say on top of all my great gifts... I got four pair of shoes.

I did not get excited about my new Uggs. Out of style... I know. Comfortable... YES! Now I have clean ones that don't smell like dog. PS- NO we don't have a dog. AND... the wonderful hubs bought them for me.

I did not almost die from laughing when I was at my Mom's house one day this week ( I don't remember what day exactly). Mom asked Dad to bring her the clothes out of the dryer so that she could fold them. I was laying on the floor in Anna's lap and she was plucking my out of control eyebrows. Dad walks in holding a pile of clothes in one hand and with the other hand... his finger was holding a pair of thongs. He very seriously says, "WHAT are THESE?" We all almost died. It was hilarious. Anna then very calm said, "They're my thongs Dad GEEZ!" Talking about thongs with your Dad is always fun and a comfortable conversation to have.

That's it. I don't have much this week, I know. Next week will be a doozie I'm sure though.

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas. We sure did.

I am still writing Caroline and Emma's letters this month. Sorry they are so late. I will hopefully have them posted by Wednesday.


Krystyn said...

Crap..seriously, it's Monday? I totally forgot!

Great job...I love the tantrum. Izzy can go with Caroline to therapy. Especially after this morning.

Kari said...

I love reading your "Not Me"'s!!

P.S. We really need to get together. Especially now since the hectic Christmas season is over...and things SEMI-get back to normal. I would love to meet your little girls! Even if I witness a tantrum. Charlotte throws some DOOSIEs. {is that how you spell it?} anywho. Really, let me know when is a good time for you....and, your place or mine...or out in public. haha