Monday, December 1, 2008

Hailey and the two dwarfs... Crazy and Sleepy.

Me: "Caroline. Lexi wants a baby brother or sister."

Caroline: "Lexi? Brother?"

Me: "Maybe."

Caroline: "Me go to store and buy Lexi brother." Gets up, grabs her pocketbook and walks to the door with my keys.

Caroline: "Me drive your car."

Conversation ended. If only it were that easy to have a baby.
Meet the dog that comes to visit Caroline.

He belongs to our neighbor two houses over.

We don't know his name so I asked Caroline what we should name him.

Me: "Should we name him Spot?"

No answer.

Me: "Should we name him Ugly?" He is not an attractive dog.

No answer.

Me: "Caroline, what should we name him?"

Caroline: "B-I-N-G-O." She said this while watching Barney never once looking at me or the dog.

Me: "B-I-N-G-O? That's his name?"

Caroline: "Aye." That is her "yes". She doesn't say yes... she never has?!

Then she was caught feeding him chocolate cookies. They haven't killed him yet. That will be fun to explain to the neighbors though. "B-I-N-G-O was fed one to many chocolate cookies. Sorry." That will go over well I'm sure.
I had 2 loads of clothes to fold and I didn't think my nerves could handle Caroline helping me (she likes to throw the clothes everywhere) so...

Me: "Caroline, stay in your room and watch Barney. I am going to go fold clothes and talk to Daddy about Christmas."

Caroline: "Me talk to Daddy."

She runs out of her room. I stay in her room to see what she is going to say.

Caroline: "Hey Daddy. Me want "rella" shirt (Cinderella). Purple playhouse. Me want Santa. Me want Christmas. Daddy go store and buy dat. Ok? Ok!" She was talking at 200 mph so I didn't catch EVERYTHING. Not to mention the lip smacking thing she does while she talks.

I'm so over him.


All day.

It is on my TV.


You try to talk to or touch her while watching Barney and she goes nuts.

Caroline: "Me not have boobies." Looking down her shirt.

Me: "Yes you do Caroline. They are just small."

Caroline: "No! Me not have boobies."

She turns to Ryan. "Daddy go buy me boobies."

Instead of a college fund, we will have to start a boob job fund.
Caroline: "Mommy. My hair beautiful?"

Me: "Yes, Caroline. It is beautiful."

Caroline: "Mommy. Take my picture."

So I did.

Here it is.

See, I told you it was beautiful.
Me: Holding one of Caroline's dolls... "That is a strange looking baby doll."

Caroline: "MINE!" She snatches the doll out of my hand.

Caroline: "My baby dog."

Me: "Caroline, it is baby DOLL not baby DOG."


Me: "No. Baby doll."

Caroline: "NNNNNNNO! BABY DOG!""

We do this for what seems like an hour.

Finally I just said whatever and gave up.

She still calls it a baby dog.
If only you were a fly on the wall in our house.

You would hear some crazy stuff.

Fun times.

And all the while... Miss. Emma just lays there and sleeps.


Kari said...

haha! Those convos certainly sound somewhat familiar! Charlotte loves "rella" too, and loves Barney....and dogs, and babies. FUN TIMES. We have to get these two together. OR MAYBE we shouldn't!?!?! ha!

Krystyn said...

Hilarious! She goes non-stop doesn't she? Izzy does, too!

I love the beautiful hair picture.