Thursday, July 8, 2010

Read it and weap.


My sweet, sweet bug. Do you know that there are times that I have to contain myself from just squeezing you? You are the sweetest child I have ever laid eyes upon.

You are super laid back and so easy going that it is ridiculous.

You sport a mini ponytail in your hair now. When it is in your hair you act older. You act more like Caroline.

I love that you and Caroline can play together now. You can follow her directions (sometimes that is not a good thing) and you both get along really well.

What is even more amazing is how much you have grown. My little 2 lb. 15 oz. miracle baby is now potty trained. You tee-tee in the potty more than you tee-tee in a diaper.

I am beyond ecstatic. No more diapers in our future and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Do you know what else is amazing? Your strength.

When you were born, I knew you were a fighter. You were just a little itty bitty thing and you were breathing on your own. I was amazed and could not have imagined how you would amaze me in so many other ways too.

You stand up for yourself and fight for what you believe in. Even if all you believe in right now is "that toy is MINE". You still stand your ground and get what you want. I would like to think that that trait came from me.

You love your sister more than anything in this world. You never leave her out. She may forget you sometimes but you always take care of her. Always. It melts my heart.

Bug, you rock my socks every single day. You amaze me to no end. In a few years those crazy parents will compare children. They will talk about who can write their name at age 2 and who can read at age 3. I will look at them and say, "Well, my Bug was breathing on her own at 2 lbs. 15 oz. and could tee-tee in the potty at 21 months." Read it and weep losers.

My Bug is rockstar.

I love you,

Mom (you call me that now. No more "Mommy". You are too grown.)


Jamie said...

Awww, she is going to love reading that one day!

Diana said...

That is so sweet!