Thursday, July 1, 2010

dear sweet Jesus. . .

It is almost 3:30a,.

It has been a terrible night.

2 diet pepsi's and the rest of my box of milka later... I'm still awake.

I woke up because my phone kept quietly beeping.

Email after email was coming in.

Someone from France hacked into my email and was sending links to everyone in my contact list... AGAIN!

After loads of research, antivirus/spyware/malware scans... I think all is good now.

However, PLEASE do not click on any link that comes from my email. I am extremely sorry if you receive anything from me.

The email is blank other than a link. I don't know who all received it so I can't contact them. I will slowly try to contact everyone in my contact list. Until then, PLEASE do not open any link sent from my email!!!


Maybe I'll go to bed now.


Megan said...

I got it. Definitely didn't click the link.

What a pain for you. Sorry dear.

Krystyn said...

So sorry..but glad you figured it out. Do you think it was your phone?