Thursday, January 8, 2009


It is Thursday.

Almost Friday.

Meaning almost the weekend.

I don't know why weekends are easier for me.

Maybe because I am not home alone with two children all day.

I have someone to hold a screaming child while I pee.

I have someone to help watch a two year old wild-child so she doesn't seriously injure herself.

The weekend.

Is there still chaos?


But I'm not alone.


Sweet Caroline.

Her new phrase?

"Hush your mouth."


I don't know what is worse... hush your mouth or shutup.

We are trying to stop her from saying it.

I think she may have heard me say it a few times.

"Caroline, hush. Emma is sleeping."

"Caroline, hush your mouth while I'm on the phone."

That was my confession for this Thursday morning.


Caroline put a blanket around her head.

Me: "What's up Caroline? What are you doing with that blanket around your head?"

Caroline: "Me Mary. Go get Joseph."

Me: "Where can I find Joseph?"

Caroline: "Upstairs sleep with Baby Jesus."

FYI- If you are looking for Joseph or Jesus... they are here... in my house... upstairs asleep.

Caroline: "Me go to work."

Me: "Bye."

Caroline: "See you later."

She goes behind the chair.

5 minutes or so pass.

Me: "Caroline. What are you doing back there?"

Caroline: "SHH! Me at work."

Me: "Well, what are you doing?"

Caroline: "Taking care of those babies."

Me: "Oh. Like Day-Day?"

Caroline: "They go WAHHH. WAHHHH. WAHHHHHHH." She smacks her lips. "Baby, hush your mouth."

She was then told to come from behind the chair and we talked about saying "hush your mouth."


it was funny when she said it.

Ryan wanted brownies last night.

I had no eggs.

I put on my shoes and went to my Nana's in the 200 mph winds.

I told Caroline where I was going.

I kissed her bye.

She said bye.

I walked out.

As I was getting into my car, she opened the door.

"PEACE OUT!" she yelled.


Two years old and she is saying peace out.

Emma is doing great.

Tuesday night my sweet thing slept from 10:30pm to 6:30am.

She is going to be my sleeping baby.

I got her use to her swaddling blanket.

Now, she loves it.

I think that it helps her sleep longer.

She jumps in her sleep and that sometimes wakes her.

The blanket helps keep her legs and arms close to her.

She only wants to be in it at night though.

When she naps during the day, she wants to be on her tummy.

MckMama talked about her Miracle Blanket so I thought I would give my version of the Miracle Blanket a shot. I also have this one and I love it too.


Caroline's toys are overtaking us.

This is in my kitchen.

Along with 3 small buckets full of toys


a play kitchen... complete with pretend food.

We are bustin' out.

Caroline and I have a new song that we love.

Bottoms Up by Keke Palmer

Emma's favorite song?

No Woman, No Cry.

I sing it... she stops crying.

This is a good way to keep her quiet while I shower.

It's just one of those songs I will randomly break down to.

Emma was crying one night and I thought of the song... I guess because it says NO CRY.

I sang.

She stopped crying.



I'm over it.

See you tomorrow.

I'll post something interesting.


"Everything's gonna be alright!"


OHmommy said...

Oh Hailey, the weekends are so much easier for me too. I love them.

And shhhh.. don't tell anyone. One of my girl's name, in real life, is Caroline. I puffy heart that name. Can you guess which one? ;)

Kristi said...

Ah... the life of a UPS widow... :) Sometimes I love UPS, and sometimes I don't! You know what I mean. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Wendi said...

So glad you had someone around this weekend so you could pee alone!
Too funny, but I can relate.
Love the shot of Emma Bug's foot...precious!
Hush your mouth Hailey...Peace Out!

Krystyn said...

Izzy told us to stop talking the other day. Oh, to be 2.

And, Nat loves to be swaddled...and stupid daycare won't let them. So, she sleeps for 15 minutes in the crib. At home, she sleeps for 1.5-2 hours at a time. Stupid state laws (and, yes I called, and they really can't do it).

We still do it at night and when we are home...we just get a really tired baby after daycare.