Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve.

Guess what?

I took a shower.

I brushed my teeth.

I dried AND straightened my hair.

I put on my Rerock jeans.

I put on my fabulous shoes.

I even shaved my legs (quickly) and put on makeup.

I love New Years Eve.

Even if we only go out to dinner... with everybody else in America.

I love that I get to wear all my new Christmas clothes for everyone to see.

I love that it was 5:15 PM and I was ready.

Ready and waiting.

I have officially joined the club.

Some call it the old farts club.

Dinner at 6. We knew this probably wasn't possible... on New Years Eve.

Bed at 9. We also knew this probably wasn't possible... on New Years Eve.

Like I said, some call it the old farts club.

I call it having children


The hubs and I love it...

even if we have spit up all over us before we leave, even if we got all cute and never even walked out of the door because the wild child had a fever of 102.3.

The hubs cooked steak, picked up a takeout salad, and we were in business.
no cooking required... on my part I mean.

To top it off, we were in bed by 10:30.

Welcome us.

Welcome us to the club.

It's just fabulous here.


Wendi said...

My evening was less exciting.
I never had plans.
I must be the president of TOFC because I didn't cook anything.
I didn't even get out of my lounging pants.
I hung out with my pretend friends on the computer for a while.
Then I played in a family Wii tournament.
Oh my gosh I. am. getting. old!
Happy New Year Hailey!!!

Kari said...

I feel your pain. Although, we made it out of the house. We had our regular Wednesday church service, then went to the Pastor's house for pizza and junk food {no, pizza is NOT junk food!! haha} and then I watched everyone else play Wii!!
I was miserable most of the night, though. If that makes you feel any better!! My allergies were being mean, baby was being mean, and Charlotte was being
Anywho! Happy New Year!!!

Krystyn said...

I love being in the club, too!

We stayed in our jammies all day yesterday! It was fab!

Happy New Year!