Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Letter to Caroline- Month 30

Sweet Caroline,

You are 30 months old today. Guess what? Tomorrow is a special day. You will start "big girl school". You will make friends and learn about so many new things. You are a big girl and I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday, I was holding you in the rocking chair reading All The Places to Love (by memory). You would curl up in my arms, drink your bottle, and play with your hair until you fell asleep. Tonight, it was the normal battle to get you to sleep. You are so scared you are going to miss something. I guess you think that we make you sleep but we stay up all night. Little do you know that we are snuggled up in our bed just like you, dreaming of the day ahead. Rest little one. You aren't going to miss a thing.

You love your sister so much that it overwhelms you. You kiss her and then you must wipe that kiss off. We don't know why. You just do. Kiss and wipe, kiss and wipe... all day long. Em smiles at you and it makes you extremely happy. You love to hold her hand and announce to the world that Em-Em is holding your hand.

You have learned your whole name. You know that it is Caroline Tyler Lafone. You like to be silly and say that it is Caroline B-I-N-G-O. We laugh and your eyes light up. We asked you the other day what Emma's middle name was. You informed us that it was Bug. Emma Bug. No last name I guess. You are so full of life and laughter and it brings happiness to everyone around you.

You love to "take pictures". You will use an old camera or your cellphone. You take the picture and you will say, "MOMMY! You blink!" Then, you will take it again. Once you get a good one, you look at it and say, "AWWWW!" It is too cute and so stinkin' funny.

You are growing everyday. You learn things so fast and it amazes me more and more. You are one of the most strong-willed people I know... and you are only two! I hope you have a wonderful preschool experience. I hope you make lots of friends. Be sweet little one. Say yes, ma'am. Stand tall. Keep on smilin' and know that Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know.

Love you always and forever,

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Krystyn said...

Oh, she's such a sweet heart! I love that you do these letters. I'm sure both of the girls will appreciate it!