Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It snowed.

And then it snowed again.

Caroline took her clothes off verifying that she truly IS a summer baby. (Yes... my stairs DO look like a closet. They hold most of our shoes. We have NO room.)

Emma chilled in her seat while her sister went crazy. She witnessed her first snow and first presidential inauguration all in one day.

We hopped in the hubs' truck... on the icy roads...

...and went to the farm. This is where my family lives. The hubs pulled me, Caroline, Mary George and Carey behind the truck on the sled. Not all at the same time. We took turns of course. :-)

On the way to the farm, we were passed by a four-wheeler. WHAT? Yes, I was so shocked I took a picture.

The snow was fresh and deep.

Caroline had a wonderful time.


Today, while Emma slept like this...

Caroline threw a piece of gum in her mouth and we went outside before all the snow melted.

What did we do you ask?

Why... we built a lovely mini snowman of course.

Afterwards, we came inside... made snow cream... ate lunch... went to find somewhere to sled... the snow had melted... Caroline cried... Caroline never took a nap... Caroline cried... we ate dinner... Caroline cried... Caroline fell asleep with her head on the dinner table... she slept for 15 minutes and then was up until 10:30ish.

Fun times.

Oh how I loathe love snow days.


Amy said...

aww was she sad that it melted? down here (baton rouge) snow is few and far between (like 10s of years) and it snowed in december, for one day, and my 3 year has been asking ever since to go play in the snow and hes mad that he cant

Kari said...

Oh I love Caroline's boots! And her beanie! To cute!
Charlotte used to sleep with her arms over her head because she would wriggle down to her sleep positioner, and her arms wouldn't go down any further, so when she stopped sleeping with it, her arms still stayed over her head for the longest time!

Krystyn said...

What a fun day...and I sure which Nat slept like that..they are both swaddle babies!