Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday.

It is that time again.

Not me Monday.

Posted early because MckMama did and I had to get on board that train before I was like the 800th commenter on Mr. Linky thing.

I did not give up Pepsi for Diet Coke. I would never do this because I am a Pepsi girl.

I did not go on a date with the hubs to make up for NYE.

We did not go to Outback.

We did not wait for 45 minutes.

I did not talk to the random bartender.

I did not order a Sydney Cosmo.

It was not super YUMO!

I then did not order a S'moretini.

I did not take that sucker down in like less than 60 seconds.

I did not moan out loud.

The hubs did not turn and stare at me like BE SERIOUS!

The bartender did not walk back by and say,"Easy killa."



Do I know you?

I'm not a drinker.

DO NOT make me look like one.

I just love sweet stuff.


I did not fake smile and fake nice talk to the stupid guy.

I did not then turn to the hubs and say, "He talks TOO FAST."

I do not think that he heard me.

I did not go to hell on earth today... also known as Michael's.

I did not make my sister, Anna, go with me.

I did not forewarn her that I was going to use a coupon in the store. She hates it when I act like a mom. What is it with people hating coupons? I love them.

We did not have a difficult time finding spray paint.

When we found it, I did not make Anna open the can of glitter spray paint and spray the shelf to make sure it was a clear paint with glitter in it.

Anna did not do it. She follows rules and would NEVER do such a thing.

We did not run to the register like 5 year olds that had done something stupid.

While walking to the car, I did not tell Anna that I was going to blog about our Michael's experience.

We did not go to Target either.

I did not buy a tote for Caroline Christmas tree.

I did not spill my salted caramel hot chocolate all over the tote.

I did not walk to the car LICKING the tote. That would be weird. Let's just say, you might be a fat kid when...

I did not almost lose control when I got into the car and could not find my keys.

I did not feel stupid when they were still in the key hole of the door on the OUTSIDE of the car.

That is it.

I'm done.

I am off to write another post on fairy tales.

Wait until you read about how I feel about these little stories.

Join in on the fun of Not Me Monday.

Follow the rules!


Following Him said...

I so love your Not Mes! Nor did I laugh about the play by plays at outback :)

Haley Nicodemus said...

Glad you guys finally got a night to yourselves!

On another note, where did you get your background and how did you do the little collage of pics for the border?

Oh and love the...Let's just say, you might be a fat kid when...

Too funny!

AND - we have a Michaels in Fort Smith (where I'm from) and I can't believe it stays open considering they put in a Hobby Lobby about a mile away. I HATED going to Michaels with my mom when I was little so it's kind of a like a "fairy tale" for me - left a bad taste in my mouth and I don't ever want to go back. You better believe I take in my 40% coupon to Hobby Lobby in case what I want isn't 50% off! Gotta love some coupons!

pam said...

Don't you just love it when your keys are left in your door?

I am glad to hear it happens to others,and not just me.

Happy Monday

Jane Anne said...

What a fun list! I have never left my keys in my car. But, what really got me was the licking the hot chocolate off the bag. Simply wonderful! (I might do that for my Starbucks, too.)

Kari said...

Cracking me up over here!
I totally would have licked the bag, too!
Oh, and we are COUPON crazy here at our house. Actually, it's more Jackie than me. Actually it's all Jackie. haha. Anywho. I will have to tell you ALL about it one day!
We would have to get a crane to lift your jaw off the floor.