Saturday, November 1, 2008

When did I start hating Halloween?


Maybe it was one day last week.

I don't remember when I started hating Halloween.

I love putting all my cute decorations around the house.

I love carving the pumpkin.

I love dressing Caroline up.

(Caroline with Mary George (Pink Princess) and her friend.)

I love candy.

However, I don't love candy around the house.

Caroline wants candy for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

As I type she is sitting in the chair, watching Barney, eating M&M's, and has made up a song about eating at Bojangles.

These days some parents don't allow candy. They sure wouldn't let their children watch 3 Barney episodes in a row... and their children sure as heck wouldn't know what Bojangles was.

Wild child with M&M leftovers on her face

Most parents would freak out. I just wipe her mouth off and move on.

But you know, she ate a sausage biscuit for breakfast. She will eat a well balanced lunch. So I just say... whatever. Let her eat a few M&M's.

However, it is a battle that I am sick of fighting.

I am tired of hiding the candy.

I am tired of telling her if she does something she will be rewarded with candy.

I am tired of telling her that candy is NOT a breakfast food.

Therefore my friends... I have solved the problem. I am eating the whole loot.

You heard me every single piece. I have made it my mission.

The doctor said I needed extra calories for my milk production... here I go (opening a Twix)... piece number 1 only 5 million left to go.

Maybe it will be all gone one day.

I will sign this letter Mean Mommy (who eats all of your Halloween candy) for today.

PS- Who passes out Almond Joys? I'll tell you who... my Daddy George. Gross. Of course Caroline enjoys them. Weird child.

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