Wednesday, November 19, 2008

OhMommy is at it again girlfriend.

Look at those legs... in those skinny jeans.

That's OhMommy... I stole the pic from her blog. I should lie and say that it is me. I hope my legs look that great in skinny jeans.

12 weeks.

12 weeks of working out hard.

12 weeks of working her butt off.

She did it for her.

She did it so she would feel good about herself.

Look at skinny mama in those skinny jeans.

Like she said, "if Mama ain't happy no one is happy, right?"

Now, she is giving back to her readers.

Fabulous OhMommy is giving away more You by Crocs!

This time it's these fabulous boots.

Head on over to her site for your chance to win.

I really want them.


Boots are my weakness.

1 comment:

OHmommy said...

That's it.

Contest over. YOU won.

I am soooooo crossing my fingers for you girlfriend! ;)