Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I am going to call them Old Hailey Tales

Old wives tales.

I believe that crazy stuff.

I am super duper superstitious.

I do the usual:

- I "x" a black cat that crosses my path

- I don't walk under ladders

- Breaking a mirror= 7 years bad luck

- Opening umbrellas in the house brings bad luck

- If you sit a baby on the table, the baby will never get married

- I don't step on cracks

- I don't split the pole

- I throw spilt salt over my shoulder

- If I forget something when I leave and I have to come back into the house, I sit down... cross my legs... and say "bring me no bad luck".

- I don't wash my sheets during the period of time between new Christmas {December 25th} and old Christmas {I think Old Christmas is January 6th}

- If I hear thunder in the winter I still believe it will snow 9 days later.

Then I have a small obsessive compulsive disorder...

- I can't leave the house and shut the door without turning the door handle to make sure it is locked and pushing on the door... 3 times.

- As I said above, if I forget something in the house I sit down, cross my legs and say "bring me no bad luck" three times.

- I can't shut the refrigerator door without pushing on it a few times {maybe three} to make sure it is shut

- I wipe the toilet seat before and after I potty. I do this even though there is never anything on the potty.

- I hate for the microwave to have unfinished time.

- I always lock my car doors. It is habit. Even if the keys are still in it, I ALWAYS lock my door. Ask my Dad. He has had to sporadically place spare keys all over the county because I am constantly locking my keys in the car. The best the that ever happened was the fact that my keyless entry remote died. I think I killed it. I would press the lock button on it until I walked far enough away that it would stop working. I just made me feel better to do this. Now, I just have to check the car door. I only have to check the driver's door though. Once that I am satisfied that it is locked, I can walk away.

I don't have any problems with the iron or the stove/oven.

What will happen if I don't do those OCD things? I don't know. I've never tried. It might cause a mild anxiety attack.

The superstitions? I just don't chance it. Why chance it? I don't need bad luck so I just follow the rules.

What are your crazy superstitions? Do you have any crazy OCD habits?


Jamie said...

WoW! that sounds like a lot of stuff to do! I've never really thought about all the things I do...might just blog about it later!

I know I'm not superstitious at all, but I might be a LITTLE OCD about some things!

BTW, Hayden is never getting married bc Corey sits her butt on the table all the time! He will be happy to know this :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.... I"m not superstituous either but majorly OCD... that's for a whole other post though!

Wendi said...

You must be kidding.

Who am I kidding?
I need a support group for my neurosis.
Wanna join?

The Hart Family said...

Wow you really are OCD! haha Just kidding. I am very superstitious too! May blog about it too!

Dana said...

I do the car lock button thing too!!! It drives me crazy...I also have to check things 20 times, major OCD here and I hate it terribly!!