Thursday, February 4, 2010


Head on over to the New Mom Blog.

I posted about a momversation and I would love to hear what you have to say!

See you over there!


Anonymous said...

Hailey-- girl, I could not agree with you more!! I was the same way with Tanner. I pushed him just like you did with Caroline. Now with Stokes, I'm like "ahhh he'll do it when he gets ready." Its so different with your second child and while I have a baby book for Stokes, the blog is the one I go to first to record all of his achievements. You are a super writer!!!! Go girl!

Anonymous said...

I only have one, but I was all about her "doing it early" but now that I am in the masters program for early childhood development, i m realizing that maybe I shouldn't have pushed her. She will be 2 in 2 mons and I have BACKED off. We have had more fun just playing and goofing off now that I realize that she will go on the potty when she is good and ready and that she doesnt need to be in panties BY HER SECOND BDAY & that I have stopped worrying about how high she can count, etc... I don't know why we worry so much... So I guess what I am saying is I agree!!