Monday, February 15, 2010

I am a believer.

Guess where we were Friday night?

Carolina? Yep!

My first time in Chapel Hill.

My first time on the UNC campus.

My first time in Tarheel Country.

My first time stepping foot in the Dean Dome.

I went in with little knowledge about Carolina. {I know that I like Tyler Hansbrough and my undying love for Brian Bersticker will never cease but other than that I didn't know much.}

My husband has always been a huge fan. He "bleeds blue".

I went as a skeptic. I didn't understand all of the hype. Not just with Carolina but with all sports. Don't misunderstand, I have always pulled for Carolina. Well, except for a short amount of time between 1989-1993 {I googled this}, when Bobby Hurley was the love of my life. {When my husband reads this, he may divorce me.} You must understand though, Ryan, I was like four or five.

Anyway, I went in a skeptic and I left a believer.

That town "bleeds blue" and I realized that I want to too.

When you step foot in the Dean Dome, you can't help but to get pumped up.

You are dressed in Carolina blue.

There is Carolina blue all around you.

You realize that it is one of the greatest colors known to man.

You clap.

You yell.

You get to participate in "TAR!" "HEEL!" "TAR!" "HEEL!" Just for the record, the whole cab ride home my mind was screaming this at me.

We most definitely were on the top row... the very top row. Be jealous. It was still awesome and we enjoyed every minute.

Franklin Street was awesome and lunch at Top of the Hill was fabulous.

The fact that the whole town is Caroline blue is awesome. The salt on the sidewalks were Carolina blue. Awesomeness like no other.

We ran across this... {I may have googled its location}

We didn't eat there but my time will come.

I am already planning another trip to Chapel Hill in my head.

Maybe Ryan will make reservations at the Carolina Inn. {HintHint!}

What is this a picture of you ask??

Here is your answer.

You're welcome Dawson family. I will send you your photography bill in the mail. Better yet, I'll just drop it by your house. {You should be able to click the picture so that you can see yourselves.}

The benefit of sitting way up top... you can see everything. Even your friends from back home. ;)

And, you get great pictures like this...

"For all these years, we've tried to explain the Carolina family to outsiders. Some don't get it because they think it's about trivial matters like wins or championships or draft picks. We've got those, too, of course. But if you ever need to enlighten anyone again, just show them that moment. These were grown men crying. Not just on the court, but in the stands, too. One man at the center of it all, the rest of us drawn in by respect, by wonder, and most importantly--by love." -Adam Lucas

"It's still hard for me to sit back and think about it, all the great memories and things like that... But when I walk in the gym and see my number 50 in the front row, with all those other guys, it kind of sinks in." -Tyler Hansbrough

Bobby Gersten

"I'm a Tar Heel born, I'm a Tar Heel bred.
And when I die, I'm a Tar Heel dead."


Emily said...

I love it! Such a great post, and welcome to the TAR HEEL family!!!

Sara said...

I'm going to need copies of these pictures - your camera is amazing! I'm ready for your return to the Hill. You're always welcome to come stay with me :)

Midwest Mommy said...

How fun! Great shots!

Lindsey said...

Love the NC blue!!

Looks like you had a fab-tastic time.

Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Did you take the real deal or the point and shoot. I need some serious tips. I have the Nikon D60 but all I do is point and shoot. I haven't even begun to try and understand the manual. You are an awesome photographer. I mean seriously, those shots look like someone who gets paid lots of moolah took. Go Hails!