Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Randoms.

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- I'm over the sassy-mouth-ugly-talk-back-talk-three-year-old-stage. It is no fun and I'm done with it. Next stage please.

- Emma now enjoys singing her ABC's. Too bad she knew part of BoomBoom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas way before she was even showing interest in songs like ABC's.

- I couldn't find my keys the other morning before preschool pick up. I ran around the house like a crazy person. I decided to go sit Emma in her carseat while I searched a little more because I was beginning to panic. I looked for like 2 more minutes and ran back outside to check on Emma... clearly my car was running. It had been the whole time. I forgot I started it. After that, I decided that it might be in my best interest to take an extra pill because I am losing my freaking mind.

- Caroline took a cookie sandwich for snack the other day. When I picked her up, her teacher told me that she ate the icing out of the cookie but didn't eat the cookie because "she said she was allergic." Last night she announced she was allergic to lemons. WTH? That's what happens when you have kids in your class with allergies. They learn so quickly.

- Emma is in the midst of potty training. I haven't gone hardcore yet but we are in the beginning stages. It hasn't been fun so far. Have I ever told you the amount of fluid that my child consumes in a day? Probably more than me, Ryan and Caroline put together. Lots of fluids= lots of piss. No fun.

- I ordered Caroline's Easter dress. I am hoping it is just as pretty in person as it is in the catalog.

- I have been organizing and cleaning for two days. Actually just yesterday but whatever. We can just tell everybody it has been two days.

- I have started folding clothes straight out of the dryer. I will grab something out of the dryer, fold it, lay it on top of the washer. Once everything is folded, I take it upstairs. I'm proud. Most of the time clothes pile up on the couch and never even make it upstairs. {I'm writing this because maybe I will continue doing it if I write it.}

- I stayed up until 1:30 last night watching DVRed TV shows and cleaning. What is wrong with me?

- I broke down a few months ago and got Facebook. I am addicted. I used Anna's for a long time to FB stalk people. Hello my name is Hailey and I am a Facebook stalker.

- While stalking, I came across this question that my sister's best friend answered about her...

... which made me laugh out loud. "like my own personal google". Haha! I think Anna should put this on her business card one day. "Anna H.- Your own personal google."

- I don't feel that it was necessary for Tiger Woods to apologize to my family. He is human. He messed up. He is getting help. It is none of my business. It is his life not mine. His speech, by the way, was super rehearsed and the pauses became unbearable. "There has never been an episode of domestic violence in our marriage. EVER!" Awkward pause. Part of me just thinks he is scared that she is going to kick his ass again. I would be. His mom also looked as if she could beat the heck out of him. Wow! That woman is scary.

- Caroline had her first "real" playdate today. By "real" I mean that I took her to a friend's house, dropped her off, and will pick her up later. Fingers crossed that she doesn't say any ugly words, back-talk, or show off her ability of flatulating like a grown man. I'll let you know how it turns out.


Diana said...

I love the fact that Carolina is alergic to cookies! Ha Your blods always make me laugh!

Jamie said...

That was a great blog! Caroline cracks me up! Lord you are gonna have to take Emma to the bathroom 1000 times when u go out haha! I am so tired about hearing about tiger too! Who cares?!?! I do wish I was allergic to 90% of food and I might could go to the beach this summer without my sweats haha!

Krystyn said...

Potty training. Crap. I'm so not ready to start that, yet. I think I'll wait longer. It was soooo drawn out with Isabelle.

The allergy thing is hilarious. Caroline is quick on her feet, isn't she?