Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tick Off Tuesday.

Another edition of tick off Tuesday is in session thanks to Carrie. She is the brainchild of this cute little ranting game that I love.

I feel that it is best to write these "tick-offs" in letter form.

Dear woman with your stick people and flip flop stickers on the back of your car,
Really? Really? Why do you have about 15 stick people figures on your back glass? Are all of those your children and grandchildren? What did those stick people accomplish? What is the purpose? Your flip-flop stickers piss me off too. Why? Do you love flip-flops THAT much?

PS- It is not necessary to have stick dog and stick cat in your line up as well. No one cares.

Mom who will NEVER put stick people or flip-flop stickers on her back glass

Dear Summer,
Where are you? This winter crap really pisses ticks me off. The ice, the snow, the cold rain. It is terrible. I miss you.

Your lover

Dear Mirena IUD,
I have had you for over a year and I am not happy with you. You make me have hot flashes. You make me have terrible headaches. You didn't do what you told me you were going to. You said no more visits from Aunt Flow. WRONG! Every 28 days for 7-9 days straight she comes to visit. I would break up with you but there is no other option for me at this point. Just keep doing your job of keeping me from getting knocked up and I will forgive you.

Lady who is in the small percent of women with a Mirena who still has visits from Aunt Flow


Anonymous said...

Seriously-- I hate the stick people/flip flop stickers too. So dumb!

This weather is for the birds. I'm so over it. Actually I was over it before it turned cold.

Don't even get ME started on the IUD. I have reason to hate it more than anyone on this earth. It cost me $18,000. Yes you read that right.

Loved this!

Jamie said...

I totally agree with the back glass situation, drives me bonkers! And I don't think I can go anymore places with Hayden in this mess we call winter! Today a lady looked at me bc I had her out in the rain, she probably reported me but Hello? how else am I suppose to get groceries?

And Birth Control would be much easier if we had an on and off switch!!

Anonymous said...

Aww you poor poor girl... Ive had mirena for almost 2 yrs and at the 1 yr mark AF stop coming around... I get hot flashes (& cramps) too!! Maybe AF will take a hike soon?!

Dana said...

I am so over this weather too. The one and only goo thing about it still being so damn cold out is that I have a little more time to starve, I mean diet before summer!!!

Oh, how I hate the flops and the stick people, it makes me cringe.

Don't even get me started on the IUD situation, I too have learned to accept it an move on, even though it makes me want to scream. I am sure my Hgb is like 6 or less since I have bled for 4 months straight. But remember I did get it placed in a back alley!! Haha

Chrissiebear said...

I'm so sick of the weather! Maybe that will be next week's rant for me!! I finally got around to it (It was wednesday before I got your email last week!!)

Thanks again!

The Hart Family said...

I'm so glad you said this. I hate those damn stick people too. And I mean how much can one person love flip flops. I know a girl (yes, she's in my family) that has 2 flip flop stickers on her car and the hitch thing on the back has a flip flop on it to!

I didn't like the Mirena either. I will probably do it again though just because it's so easy not to have to think about it, but it gave me terrible headaches and bad cramps. You're not alone!