Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All things S.

Emily played this game. I begged asked her for a letter of my own. She gave me the letter S.

I have to list all things that I love that begin with S.

Let's begin, shall we?

1. Starbucks- The salted caramel hot chocolate is a little piece of Heaven on Earth.

2. Shrimp and grits- Hello yumminess.

3. Shoes

4. Sister- My sister, Anna, is my best friend so of course she is on my list.

5. Smooches- Caroline and Emma kisses are best.

6. Summer- Oh, summertime. No shoes, salty skin, beautiful hair. The beautiful hair part is totally a joke. I love letting my hair air dry after being on the beach all day just to see how big it can get. One word for you, humidity. One more word for you, frizz.

7. Swimsuits- Bikini swimsuits not one pieces.

8. Soda aka soft drinks aka southerns just call it the name... example Pepsi, Mt. Dew.

Which brings me to my next "S"

9. Growing up in the South- We have manners. We eat great food. A southern woman knows how to do just about anything.

10. Surprises- Who doesn't love surprises?

Ok. I am done. That was difficult. "S" is a hard letter.


Emily said...

well done my friend:) u did good with the letter s.. ten things to come up with.. that wasnt hard for you at all:)

Corey and Jamie said...

umm I like all those too, but I LOVE shrimp and grits! Ther used to be this place called KIVA and they had BBQ shrimp and grits and it was the most delicous thing you have ever had! I miss it so much!

Thanks for the words of encouragement (about all my tests), and I am sure you were SO cute when you were pregnant! I do not feel cute - my face feels SO PUFFY! It is good to know your mom is available for breastfeeding questions so I will definately keep you in mind!

Kari said...

Oh how fun! I want a letter..what do I need to do to get one!?

Love the living in the south one...SOOO TRUE!!!!

Hope you are doing well!

Krystyn said...

You did good with S.

The verdict is still out on shrimp and grits. I just haven't been willing to try it...or is it them?

I guess I'm not a real Southern until I do, am I?