Sunday, March 15, 2009

It never fails.

I cook dinner for my family.

I enjoy cooking dinner for my family.

Yes. There are occasions that I enjoy not cooking. However, for the most part I cook.

Cooking begins at or around 5 pm everyday. I throw Em in her sling or Baby Bjorn, pull a chair up to the counter for Caroline and so... our dinner begins.

Dinner is usually done at about 6 or 6:30 and we all gather around our tiny kitchen table to eat.

After fixing Caroline's plate, getting her in her seat and fixing my own plate (all while holding/slinging Em) I can't wait to FINALLY sit down.

As soon as I sit down, this is what I hear...

"Mommy. Me need to teetee."

I have to unsnap Caroline's seat. She climbs down. She tee-tees. I wipe her. We wash our hands. We go back into the kitchen. We eat.

Why is is that every night at dinner, she wants to tee-tee?

It never fails.

It never fails that when I vacuum, Ryan WILL wear his muddy boots inside.

It never fails.


Em will ALWAYS spit up on me right before I walk out the door.

It never fails.

Remember these pictures?
Here is a reminder:

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