Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

***Edited to add: My birthday is the 26th of this month. Thanks for all of the early birthday wishes though.

1. Old Navy Shorts
Last year I bought a similar pair of shorts from Old Navy. I loved them. This year I want black, yellow, and green.

2. Skinny Jeans
The best part about these jeans... I found them at Forever 21 for $14.50. Can you say WOW?

3. Smocked Jersey Maxi Dress
When I first saw this dress, I knew I had to have it. It is going to look great on the cruise AND it looks very comfy.

4. Drape Dress
Again, I saw this and fell in love. Where am I going to wear it? Who knows? It is also $14.50. Forever 21 has loads of GREAT deals.

5. Ruche dress
Love this dress. I want to wear it to our formal night on the cruise. I think it would look great.

6. I skipped six. I just realized it. I am too lazy to go back and fix it so just put these AND these in there for six. No biggie. ONLY KIDDING!

7. Feather dress

8. Ruffle Pleated top
I thought this was a cute shirt that would look good with the Old Navy shorts I want. For $10, it was a steal. I can wear it with just about anything.

9. Ruffle Pebble Dot Top
I love shirts that fit around the neck like this one. They also have a red dot shirt however they don't have my size. I will settle for the navy.

10. Ribbed Tank
I am NOT a pink person. At.All. However, I like this shirt and pink was the best color of the three to choose from. I also think that it will look very "Hamptons" with the green and yellow Old Navy shorts.

1. Green Sandals
Can you tell that this color green is going to be my summer color? I LOVE these shoes. Love them!

2. Gladiator sandals
I wanted a pair of these last summer. I couldn't find a pair under $100. Hello! I found these at Forever 21 for a simple $15.80. You can't beat that. I just hate to spend a lot of money on these shoes because I will be over them in about a year.

3. Silver Strappy sandal
Old Navy makes the best sandals. I love these. I can wear them with everything this summer.

4. Tory Burch Reva Patent Ballet Flats
This is my one "splurge" item on my list(s). I just love the green and I want a pair of Tory Burch ballet flats. Maybe I should get a color that is going to stay in style though?! I'll think about it.

5. Big brown sunglasses
I have these Costa Del Mar sunglasses. However, I need a pair of big sunglasses like these. I broke mine a while back and I have been wanting some more ever since.

6. Shield Sunglasses
These are like the Costa's that I want. These are a little bit cheaper though. I LOVE them!

7. Gold Henna Studded Cuff
Love it!

8. Vintage Floral Metal Bangle
Love it!

As I was making my list, I would check sizees and everything to see if what I wanted for backordered. Nothing make me more mad than to want something, get my hopes up and then when I order it... it is backordered. Anyway, I check on my bathing suit that I wanted to show my stretch marks off in. Guess what? Backordered until May 20th. I said at least 3 ugly words.
Anyway, I began the search for a new bathing suit to take on the cruise. Let me just tell you... I almost lost it when I found out that Ashley Paige was designing bikinis for Target. ASHLEY FREAKIN' PAIGE. How did I NOT get that memo?? So... guess what I want?

Of course, they are not my first choice. However, because they are Ashley Paige makes all right in Hailey's world.

I can't decide which on I like better. The top one was the one I liked at first. However, the one below it looks a lot like her "Knit Kini" which makes me like it a little more. What do you think?

So, I think that covers what I want for my birthday. There you have it Mom. Surprise me! I can't wait!


Corey and Jamie said...

your mom has alot to buy hahaha! Happy Birthday (if it is it today?) and I hope you have a great day and get all the FABULOUS things on your wish list! I LOVE the Ruche dress - SO CUTE! Also I like the first bathing suit~ I think it is one of those pattern and color schemes that make you look tanner, but go with your fashion gut!

Krystyn said...

How nice of you to give your mom so many options!!!

Kari said...

Man...your birthday, huh?! I thought it was at the end of the month, though. Is this just a heads up post!? IF not, sorry...and Happy Birthday! I LOVE just about everything on your list. Tell your mom my birthday is in December..and she can use your list!! Ha HA!

Emily said...

yeah:) I LOVE making a birthday wish list.. hope you get it all:) u certianly deserve it all:)

Our Crazy Life said...

The bottom one is the best!! SO cute and I love Ashley Paige too!!!

Kari said...

HA! I was right. Can you believe I remembered that from 3rd grade!? I thought it was either the 25th or 26th. Anywho. I really do like your list..and I hope you get a TON of items from it!

Anonymous said...

Great list. I am loving #6, but I am thinking #1 might be more practical for me now.

OHmommy said...

happy early birthday... i love LOVE your fashion. LOVE.