Friday, March 13, 2009

Fabulous Friday Finds

1. The Shower Hug

Oh, how I wish I had known about this while I was preggo and breastfeeding. This is a wrap made of the "softest, most luxurious knit terry velour." To all the mommies out there: Remember getting in the shower to "relax" for 57 seconds and the shower water hitting your so sore boobs? Yep. It will bring a grown woman to her knees. You wrap your ta-tas up in this cool little wrap. Hop in the shower and TA-DA you have a shield. It has SO many uses. It provides support when you are sick of wearing a sexy nursing bra, prevents nighttime leaks, provides hands-free convenience for hot and cold packs when you need them (and you will need them my friend). It helps protect C-section incisions from your shower water too. This cool product has also been used by women who have undergone mastectomy, augmentation, reduction, reconstruction and lifts. I see an augmentation and lift in the future so I still may be investing in one. I'm just saying.
Go check it out. It is soooo worth $27.95.

2. Designer type hospital gowns made by Elena

I first saw these when Elena sent them to MckMama. The black and white with the pink ribbon (pictured below) is my favorite. Grab one or two to take to the hospital with you. If you plan on having more babies... SCORE... you can use them again. Another plus is the fact YOU are the ONLY person to have ever had a baby in YOUR hospital gown. Thinking back... who the heck knows who had worn my hospital gown before me. It's kind of gross when you think about it. That is reason enough for me to buy one if I ever have to go to the hospital again.

3. Diapees and Wipees

This is my "go to" baby shower gift. I LOVE my Diapees and Wipees.

I have the pattern featured above. However, since buying mine 3 years ago SO MANY new patterns have come out. They are all so cute that it is hard to decide on just one. What is this little sack you ask? Let me tell you. Throw 2-4 diapers and your travel case of wipes in this bag. Throw it in your cute pocketbook. TA-DA! For those qiuck trips to the grocery store, post office, Target... there may be no need to carry your Petunia Pickle Bottom. Leave her at home and just bring your Diapees and Wipees. You will get A LOT of compliments. (PS- If you invite me to a baby shower in the future, know that this will be part of your gift. Just a FYI.)

4. Moodeez

Cuteness! I just found these when I recently visited the Diapees and Wipees website. This is for YOU! It is a sack that holds 4-5 tampons and small pads. It organizes and protects your tampons. No more opened/unusable tampons in your purse. I want one. I want one.

5. Trumpette socks
We have the Mary Jane Pastels. I LOVE them. I bought them when Caroline was about 2 months old. She wore them for almost a year. They are sized 0-12 months. Of course I saved them and Emma is now wearing them. They are the cutest. $25 sounds like a lot of socks HOWEVER you get 6 pairs that last you a year. Love them!
PS- They have all kinds of designs for girls AND boys.

6. BabyLegs

I debated. I know that you all know my love for BabyLegs. Then I was like... what about new readers. So here it goes... I LOVE BABYLEGS! They are a lifesaver. Emma lives in them. She wears them with oneies instead of pants. She wears them as tights under dresses. She wears them on her arms. Guess what? Caroline can wear them too! Yep. They fit Caroline too. They make Emma's diaper changes a breeze. They also saved Caroline's little knees when she started crawling. I can't say enough wonderful things about BabyLegs. Invest in a pair. Heck, invest in every pair they have. It is SOOOO worth it. Love them!

7. HotSling

Life saver. I have this one. I wouldn't be able to cook dinner without it. It is very easy to fold and use.

8. Hooter Hider
I never got a nursing cover when I nursed Caroline. A blanket WAS my nursing cover. Most of the time I sat there with just my boob out but other times we had vistors. I don't think they would have appreciated seeing my tit so a blanket was used. Anyway, I was hell bent and determined to have a Hooter Hider with Emma. Of course I go to a local shop to buy one and they are sold out. I asked the owner to call me when they came in. Guess what? They never did. 6 weeks later my milk wasn't coming in either so oh well. Anyway, I love these. The name "Hooter Hider" makes them a conversation piece while you sit and chit-chat with your vistors while you are breastfeeding.

9. Deal on a dress

My Mom is always on the look out for cute dresses. Caroline lives in dresses in the summer. They are just easier to deal with than t-shirts and shorts. They look so cute with her tan too. So when my Mom bought this dress, I was so excited about how cute it was. Which one do you like better?

My favorite is number one! That is the one my Mom bought. My reasoning behind making you guess...

Number one was $6.00. SIX! When I saw it I immediately thought of dress number two that I had seen online.

Number two? $29.50

Number one has brighter colors. I love it.

10. Pump Ease

Krystyn was talking about this in a post at the beginning of the week. How cool is this? You can now pump HANDS-FREE! HANDS-FREE! Remember the post I wrote about now being able to hold Em and feed her, tee-tee AND brush Caroline's teeth all at the same time? I am all about doing something hands-free. This soooo would have helped me with pumping. Get one. Krystyn loves hers. I would have too if I had known that such a wonderful thing existed.

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Krystyn said...

What a great list. That thing for the shower in genius!

And a $6 dress? Wow!