Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today's ramblings.

I am going to ramble today.

Here I go.

Caroline decided she wanted her fingernails painted.
I painted them.
Then during preschool time... she decided to paint them again... herself... with a red marker.

I tore her nerves out of the frame afterwards by vacuuming.
She hates the vacuum.
It has become my new favorite thing to do... now that I have my best friend's Dyson in my possession.
Be jealous.

This is what Caroline did while I spent a good portion of the morning vacuuming.
Laying in the chair... eating chips... yelling at me.

Pepsi products were buy one, get one free at the store.
I went.
Everyone else in my town obviously decided it was in there best interest to go too.
There was hardly anything left.
I did however manage to get a Sierra Mist and Caffeine Free Pepsi.

The check out girl made me mad.
"I didn't know you were pregnant" she said.
Ok, do I know you? I thought to myself.
I may go through your line every once in a while but I don't know you.
I responded with a "No. I've just gained lots of weight."
She snickered.
I smiled.
"Yes. I am pregnant. 30 weeks." I smiled again.
She came back with a "Well, I could tell your face had gotten fluffy."
Don't even get me started.

Nap time was hell today.
2 hours...
That is how long it took me to get Caroline to sleep.
I was crying and so was she by the time we hit the one hour mark.

I think I am going to throw all the markers in the house away.
Caroline drew all over one of her Rainbow flip flops that she has never worn.

I've only had one peanut butter sandwich today.
That is really good for me. I have recently had an average of two a day.
Sad I know.
Have I told you that peanut butter is my addiction during pregnancy?

Still haven't thought of a name for "Two Lafone".
Looks like her name may really be Two.
I'm trying not to let it stress me out.
But I'm stressing.
We need help.

Ok... I'm done for now.
Have a fabulous Thursday.

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