Monday, September 22, 2008

Not me! Monday

MckMama has started a new Monday event. It is called Not Me! Monday. Go on over to website and check out how you can participate.
Thursday: I did not pretend to have washed some of Ryan's clothes. I actually just threw them into the dryer with a smell good dryer sheet, fluffed them up, and folded them. He never knew because they weren't dirty in the beginning. I am NOT going to wash clothes that are clean.

Friday: I did not lie to myself about already having a bowl of cereal. I definitely did not eat another breakfast with Caroline when she woke up.

Saturday afternoon: I did not secretly eat a Snickers bar without anyone ever even finding out I had bought it. I did not hide it from my hubs or my child so that I could eat it alone... in peace.

Saturday night: I did not let Caroline eat a rib off of the kitchen floor. She dropped it and my response was not "God made dirt... dirt won't hurt." My hubs did not look at me strangely either.

Sunday: I did not unbutton my jeans and forget to button them back up before walking into Target.

Monday: I did not put off cleaning my house to blog and read other blogs.

Monday: I did not jump up when the hubs came home for lunch and pretend to be cleaning.
Thanks MckMama for the therapy. Wait till you see my list next week. The list begins NOW!


HappilyEverAfter said...

Those are good ones!

-another MckMama follower

Ellen said...

You make me giggle. I love this blog!