Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cell phones, candy necklaces, big girl pants, BLING.

These are a few of Caroline's new favorite things.

The cell phone.

She found this is my best friends car.

She had left it in there.

She's had it since Christmas but had only played with it a few times.

She lost it... she found it... you would think I spent $1,000 on it.

She LOVES it.

Her new favorite pastime... talking to EVERYONE (including herself) on her cell phone. NOTE: She calls herself "Naroline".

Candy necklaces.

We saw this HUGE one at Toys-R-Us.

She couldn't resist.

I couldn't resist.

Four days later... we are still eating it.

Big girl pants.

This is Caroline's new outfit.

She doesn't wear pants... EVER.

If we are at home, she normally has on her big girl pants and nothing else... well maybe a candy necklace or necklace of some sorts.

Let's just say... she is NOT a dressy bessy unless you call underwear dressy.

Classic Caroline (Notice her shirt. It says Diamonds. Pearls. Bracelets. BLING. This is where the title came in.)

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