Friday, September 5, 2008



I was on blogger reader last night catching up on my latest favorite blogs.

I saw Kristen had posted something new.

I clicked.

I now have the biggest smile upon my face.

She had written this post.

I thought I would share it with all of my readers too.

September 25th- The Largest Ice Cream Social
From 5 - 8 PM
Visit your local Cold Stone Creamery for a free scoop. In exchange, the ice cream chain's hoping you'll donate to Make-A-Wish Foundation fund-raiser.

I also found it here at the Make-A-Wish Foundation website.

Be sure to click the link to check out your ice cream options.

Just think... ice cream AND it is for a good cause!


YAHHHH Make-A-Wish Foundation!!!

(Don't tell anyone... but... I will probably be the first in line)

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