Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I live with a woMAN.

You heard me.

And watch this be the first post he ever reads!

I am using this post... for me... it's all about ME!

I am ranting.

I am angry.

I am not an organized person... ok?

I am not a person that LOVES to clean.

I don't find it fun.

I don't find it relaxing.


If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is hire a live in maid to clean.

Now, keep in mind I am almost 30 weeks pregnant.

I need to get my house organized.

I need to get my house clean.

I realized this when I was in the hospital a week ago.

It stressed me out.

I cleaned.

I straightened.

I have organized.

Enter... the husband.

He isn't human.

I know.

I shouldn't be so harsh and rude.

But he isn't.

He is a man.

He asked that I not fold his clothes (I don't fold them like he likes).

Ok... fine... I will hang them up.


All 500 t-shirts he has along with all 600 polos he owns.

Not a problem.

"Wife, don't put my shorts in a draw. Just place them nicely on the clothes rack in the closet."


I thought it was easy.

I thought it was simple.

It isn't.

We went through all of our clothes.

We boxed what we didn't want to get it out of our way.

"Keep those!" he said.

"I wear those, Hailey. Don't box them up!" he screamed. (Ok, I am being dramatic. He didn't "scream". He spoke in a normal voice.)

His box isn't even full.

I have at least 3 full of MY clothes.


Look at his clothes. (Do NOT judge because my closet is the size of the hole Anne Frank hid. We have limited space and I'm dealing with it. Ok?)

My clothes start with the red North Face fleece jacket and go to the left.

Yes... that way. <---------------------------------

As you can see, this is not human.

His things take up all of my space.

I have a six-drawer dresser.

3 of the drawers are his.

Now... on top of the nonhuman behavior of keeping every single item of clothing you have ever had... he says he never has clean clothes.

Shorts seem to be our MAJOR problem.

He is a picture of JUST shorts.

Keep in mind there are winter pants and jeans stacked below these that you do not even see.

Also know that he JUST came to me and asked where his clean clothes were because he had no shorts.

I went upstairs.

I took pictures.

Pictures for this blog.

Yes... even after seeing ALL those clothes he looked at me and complained that he had NO clean clothes.

I am NOT even kidding you!

Got the clothes together.

He was right.

There were a few things that needed washing.

There are at least 5 pair of shorts waiting to be washed.

However, look at all the shorts he DOES have that ARE washed.

I just don't get it.

The other day I caught him, too.

He went to work in the morning with shorts and a t-shirt.

He came home from the second job with PANTS and a different t-shirt.

He then took a shower and put on his THIRD outfit of the day... shorts and a t-shirt.

I can't deal with this.

How do you train your husband to wear one pair of clothes a day? TWO MAX!?

How do you get rid of perfectly good shorts because he just chooses not to wear them?

I want to scratch my face off just thinking about this whole situation.

Anyway... thanks for letting me vent.

I promise to blog about Caroline tomorrow.

I am now going to wash clothes because my husband has nothing clean to wear.

NOTE: This post was written last night. I decided to schedule it to post this morning on Blogger to see if I liked the scheduler. Hopefully it will show up at 8:00 am.

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