Monday, September 8, 2008

50th post means...

This is our 50th post!


What does this mean you ask??

50 things you may or may not know about Caroline...

1. She is extremely in love with her Daddy.
2. She has the sharpest canine teeth I have ever seen.
3. She loves mac and cheese.
4. She calls it ABCs.
5. She would rather eat cucumbers than candy.
6. She does like yellow and orange Starburst though.
7. She eats pizza in a weird way. She sticks her face right into the toppings.
8. She is very dramatic especially when it comes to getting hurt.
9. She hates to have her hair washed. It is world war III every night.
10. She loves getting in the tub though.
11. She takes the clothes off of her babies. They are all naked. We don't know why.
12. She thinks that everyone is two.
13. She has a hermit crab named Blue that we think may be dead.
14. She had a fish named Bouvier that jumped out of his fish tank while I was trying to clean it.
15. She loves to take all of her books off of her bookshelf.
16. She has a whole toy box full of toys that she never even opens.
17. She watches VHS tapes not DVDs. She only watches DVDs in the car. Call us old school.
18. She is allowed to drink Pepsi. I cannot deprive my child of one of the greatest drinks in the world.
19. She knows that when we get food from Bojangles that we drink tea.
20. She calls M&M's MMMMMMMMMs like she is saying MMMMMM good!
21. She calls my best friend Jordan, "Boobie"
22. She calls her husband Justin, "Goga"
23. She calls cookies "Gogas" too.
24. She still talks about the pool everyday even though it is closed now.
25. She loves talking about fish and boats.
26. She associates both with my Dad.
27. She will try anything. The child still picks up raw onion and tries to eat it. She does this time and time again.
28. Motorcycles scare her.
29. She loves to ride the lawn mower. (She is her father's child)
30. She enjoys blowing bubbles.
31. She doesn't like to share.
32. She gets very jealous over her Daddy.
33. Everything is "MINE"
34. She can count to 10.
35. After ten she says 18 and 19.
36. She loves to rock in her rocking chair. (Sometimes I think she is an old woman in a little persons body)
37. She twirls her hair when she falls asleep.
38. She loves to have her toes painted.
39. It never fails that she has to use the potty as soon as we get to a public place.
40. She tries to touch everything in there.
41. Flushing the potty is her favorite thing to do.
42. She yells "I GET IT" every time the phone rings.
43. You HAVE to let her answer it or she will have a small heart attack.
44. She does not like covers on her when she sleeps. (Again, she is her father's child)
45. She has learned to open the refrigerator.
46. She repeats EVERYTHING that you say. How come children always repeat the bad words first?
47. When she is done eating... watch out... she will throw her plate.
48. She thinks that a highchair is a big girl seat... we will not tell her otherwise until the time is right.
49. She now uses a "big girl cup" with no lid (sometimes).
50. Sausage is her favorite breakfast food.

So there you have it.

50 things you may or may not know about my sweet, precious, little turkey nugget.

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Wendi said...

I love your list!
What a cute idea.
What an even cuter little girl.

Have I ever told you that my Claire's first name is Hailey?
I love that name.