Saturday, September 6, 2008

Da-da work truck.

Caroline has been having a small problem lately.

Ryan has a new job.

At his new job, he drives a truck that belongs to the business he work for.

This work truck has been causing Caroline a lot of stress.

Ryan stopped by the house Tuesday to grab lunch.

Caroline and I were across the street at the church playground.

He stopped by to get some love from Caroline and say hey.

She was so overwhelmed.

Dada truck?

We explained that it was Daddy's work truck and he would have his truck back that afternoon.

Dada work truck?

Anyway... long story short... everyday when Daddy gets home she runs to the door.

She is looking for the work truck.

If it is here and his truck isn't... you can see the stress and fear fill her eyes.

We can't figure out why.

It just causes her stress.

We even have to discuss this every night before we go to bed. We have to discuss Daddy's work truck. The color, how Daddy's going to drive it tomorrow, how Daddy is going to come home tomorrow afternoon with his truck, how he is going to take the work truck back.

If she keeps it up, I am sure that pretty soon Daddy's work and work truck will become part of our night-night prayers.

Caroline- 9 months old- When her life was much less stressful due to the fact that Daddy only had ONE vehicle.

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