Monday, September 1, 2008

It makes me want to pull my hair out.

Have your children ever done something you thought was extremely cute?

However, after about a week you thought to yourself... what the HECK was I thinking... if they don't stop I could possibly pull each hair out of my head!

Enter... Caroline.

Boy is she a cutie.

You hear her sweet, little voice and your ears just perk up.

You listen to her sing "Happy Birthday" and you clap and think to yourself, "Look at that amazing, sweet, precious being I created."

Fast forward 15 minutes... we are on Happy Birthday song number 3,000.

She is still singing the song to everyone that she knows... including herself.

Not being so cute anymore.

This is where I begin to pull each individual hair out of my head.

Seriously though, we went shopping the other day.

I had my Mommy bag packed.

It was complete with snacks, juice, toys, movies...

Do you know what kept my two-year-old entertained the ENTIRE 45 minute ride?

You guessed it... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

45 minutes.

Over and over and over and over and over... and over again.

Let's just say the 45 minute ride was so much fun... I can't wait for it to happen again.

We couldn't even carry on a conversation.

We would try to talk over her... she would sing louder.

Don't get me wrong and call me a bad mom.

It is cute to hear her sing it.

Maybe we can just cut it back to... less than 5 times in one day.

That would make it really cute.

1 comment:

Kash said...

You are right, she is ridiculoulsy cute. So is my niece. And that is why I still LOVE being an aunt. I could have left after 15 minutes of the Happy Birthday singing and been spared. :)