Monday, June 1, 2015

My own little summer vacation

Preschool graduation was a few weeks ago.  That means I am officially celebrating my summer vacation.

The girls do not get out of school until June 10th so I am definitely trying to enjoy a few weeks of "my vacation".

I have a very type A personality and to be honest I could be a little OCD.

I don't nap.  I don't relax.  I am always on the go and never give myself time to breathe.

Lately, I have tried to be more laid back.  I have tried to have a little more patience.  I have tried to be more unstructured.  I have tried to promote less self-induced stress into my life.

So today, I will try not to jump out of my skin. Today, I will try not to want to rip my face off.  I will try to "go-with-the-flow".

I am slowly learning that minutes make up hours.  Hours make up days.  Days make up years.  Years make up our existence.

I am learning how to enjoy those minutes... starting with my own little summer vacation.

(PS- 9 days left of my own summer vacay!!)

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