Friday, June 5, 2015

That time Beau took Bug for a haircut.

We were late... like always.

We were supposed to have been at softball practice 2 minutes ago and I still have to drive the 6 minutes to the field.

Bug has a dilemma.  She doesn't know if she wants to go with me or her Daddy.

I push for her to go with her Daddy.

He was running to get a quick haircut and Bug needed a trim.

Tears.  Screams.  "I just don't know what to doooooooooo!"

"You need a trim.  Go with your Daddy."

I threw her in his truck, threw Big's bat bag in the car and we were off.

Emma called while her Daddy was getting his haircut.  "How did your haircut go?" I asked.  "Good!  I will send you a picture."

Then I get this picture in iMessage...

Is that Jim Carrey or is that... Bug?

I had a brief moment of panic.

She has... bangs.

Not the normal "long-layer-swoop-bang" we normally have.


She looked like Lloyd freaking Christmas.

Yes... from Dumb and Dumber.

You don't believe me?


It's just hair, I kept telling myself.  It will grow.

We got home about the same time.

Ryan walked in.  Bug walked in.  Both very proud.

"Buggy I LOVE your hair."

I immediately had to wash it and restyle.

I was determined to make her look more like Emma and less like Lloyd.

Shew!  MUCH better!  I worked with it.  It turned out fine.

So Bug, when you need therapy and a story goes back to bangs when you were 6... blame your Daddy.

We know discuss how they look like Taylor Swift bangs.

Check it...

MUCH better than Lloyd.

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Kimberly said...

OMG I'm dying --- Lloyd Christmas. Poor thing. And she looked super seriously upset with the hair too. Good thing you know how to work bangs. I have bangs too of the sideswipe variety but I can't trim them myself. I don't trust myself with anything sharp near my face as evidenced by my high school year book pictures --- hello why didn't anyone tell me I was tweezing my eyebrows like that?! EEEKS!!!
She looks adorable. Good job Momma!!!