Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Forgetful parenting

Beau decided to take vacation last week.

It would have been awesome if the kids had been out of school but... they're not.  So, we did a lot of back and forth from home to the beach last week.

My bad parenting skills were put to good use when I let the girls skip school Friday so we could go back down to the coast for another long weekend.

We made it to Havelock and decided to stop for dinner.

We have passed by this restaurant a million times.  Thursday night we decided to stop.  Crabby Patty's is a cute little seafood joint.

Before ordering our food, Bug gasped.  I quickly turned to see what in the world was happening.  


Good job, Hailey.


In my frenzy to get to the beach, I forgot EVERYTHING written neatly in my planner.  AR Parade included.

So, Bug missed her last Kindergarten AR parade.


**Sidenote: Beau asked her if she wanted to go back home.  Of course she said no but I still felt guilty that she was missing it.

On the bright side... all parents are forgetful.  Let's just take a moment and thank the good Lord that I have never forgotten something super important... like my kids.

I was talking to a mom the other day and she told me a story of forgetting her child.

There is a 10 year difference between her two children.  She was accustomed to only having one child when child number 2 came along.

She said that her youngest was a baby.  The baby was in a stroller and the mom took her hands off of the stroller to pay for something at a register.  She paid and left only later to realize she had forgotten something important... HER CHILD!!!

See... some people forget important events like AR parades and some people forget their children.

It happens.

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