Monday, June 8, 2015

Sentence starters.

I am exhausted.  Traveling to and from the beach for less than 24 hours is... a lot.
I wonder what we can do this summer that will be super fun and different.
I hear my husband pounding away on the desktop keyboard.
I see my dashboard FULL of drafts and need to be finished.
I want another glass of wine.  I am just too tired to get it.
I am not looking forward to waking up early for 2 more days of school.

I pretend to be the best at everything.
I feel drained.
I touch the keyboard lightly.  Opposite of how Beau types.
I worry about dinner.  What am I going to cook?
I cry when I am angry.
I am exhausted.

I understand that the day is almost over.
I say AMEN!
I dream of a fun, relaxing summer vacation.
I try to have patience.
I hope we can go to the beach soon after the girls get out of school.
I am exhausted & excited.

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