Wednesday, June 3, 2015

9-1-1 is only THREE numbers!!

Like usual, I whipped into carpool on a wing and a prayer.

I silently said 8 profanities before even making it into the actual parking lot.

I scoop up the children and rushed home like we had somewhere to be.  Rushing all of the time.

On the ride home a conversation happened...

Bug: "Mom, I need your cell phone please."

Me: "Why?"

B: "Because Ashlyn gave me her phone number and I HAVE to call her."

M: "You're 6.  When did you start acting 15?"

B: "I need your phone."

M: "Negative."

B: "I need your phoneeeee."

M: "Nope.  You can't call her right now.  She isn't even at home yet.  We just left school".


M: "Silently saying more profanities... What's her number????"

B: "Here.  She wrote it down for me."

M: "Umm.  Yeah.  That's not a phone number, Bug."

B: "YES IT IS!!"

M: "It needs 4 more numbers to be a phone number."

B: "You are WRONG!  9-1-1 is only THREE numbers and it works.  Ashlyn's phone number is SIX numbers.  It HAS to work."

Bug never did get up with Ashlyn.

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