Friday, June 26, 2015

The nightmare known as camp.

I went to camp.

Yes.  Camp.

I went with Big the summer between her Kindergarten and 1st grade year.

So, this year I went with Bug.

The three of us.  One big happy family.

It was terrible but I put on a brave face.

It was hot.  I got chigger bites.  I had to clean toilets and public shower mats {gag}.  AND this was my dinner the first night...

Gross.  Just freaking gross.

On the first night, we did a nightly devotion as a cabin.  We were laying in our uncomfortable metal beds.  I wanted to cry.  I wanted to call Beau and tell him I was done and to come get me.

Then the little 19 year old camp counselors were all like, "What was your favorite part of today?"

They went around to each of the 12 metal beds asking mothers and daughters.

I was 3rd to go.  "Mrs. Hailey, what was your favorite part of the day?"

Without hesitation I sang, "SHOWERRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSS!!"

Giggles came from all around.

It was true.  That shower was pretty awesome.  Not as good as the shower after you give birth but it was definitely the number 2 best shower of my life.

Other mothers and daughters answered.

"My favorite part was being with Maria."

"My favorite part was being with Sadie."

"My favorite part was spending the WHOLE day with Lucy."

Blah. Blah.  Blah.

Big turned to me, "Thanks.  All the other mothers said their favorite part of the day was being with their daughters.  You said SHOWERS!"

I kindly explained to her and Bug that I enjoyed being with them but that the shower I took after climbing mountains was honestly my favorite part of the day.  I may have also thrown in that the other mothers just didn't have anything else to say so they had to say they enjoyed being with their daughters.  Suck-ups.  *eye roll*

Reason 8,420 my kids will need therapy.  Sorry girls.

As retribution for my shitty response to my favorite part of the day, I dissected dried up owl vomit.  I even found of biggest rodent skull in the whole class.

Suck on that other mothers.

Big opening her tin foil of owl vomit.

Bug with the biggest rodent skull in the class.  You are welcome little nugget.

PS- I am probably never going back to camp.  Thanks but no thanks.

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